Epidemic prevention “heart” care, rhythm “heart” flying


Epidemic prevention “heart” care • Rhythm “heart” flying


Dear Young Pioneers:

       How are you studying at home?

       Wuxi Young Pioneers Famous Teacher Studio has carefully prepared a set of home epidemic prevention relaxation exercises for you – “You look so good when you smile”, “heart” is not as good as action, hurry up and move with our “red scarf” little cuties with a smile on your face Bar!

 Epidemic prevention “heart” care • Rhythm “heart” flying 

Relaxation exercise is a comprehensive performance of health, strength and beauty. It combines the advantages of gymnastics and dance movements to promote children’s physical and mental health.

This set of desktop relaxation exercises consists of two parts:

The first part: finger rhythm, exercise finger flexibility.

The second part: the rhythm of the upper body, exercise the hands, head, chest and waist, flex the limbs and relax the mind.

Source: Wuxi Young Pioneers Famous Teacher Studio

Editor: Zhong Jieyi

First trial: Qin Hua, Xiao Jing

Final judgment: Chen Ke