Environmental renovation and improvement completed in the northeastern area of ​​the Winter Olympics Park

Report from our newspaper (Reporter Liu Yang) Standardize the existing parking order, add temporary parking lots, and improve the parking environment around the park… Yesterday, the key project of the “Beijing Special Action to Renovate and Promote Improvement” – the environment in the northeastern area of ​​the Beijing Winter Olympics Park The renovation and upgrading project was completed and put into use. After the completion of the project, the surrounding environment of the park will be “more beautiful” and parking will be more convenient for citizens.

The Beijing Winter Olympics Park is located in the west of Shijingshan District, along the Yongding River, close to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and the Shougang Ski Jump. The total area of ​​the park is approximately 1,142 hectares. By integrating existing parks such as Marathon Base Camp and Lianshi Lake Park, an urban waterfront open space with coexisting water and greenery, permeable urban scenery, people-friendly sharing, and prominent Winter Olympic elements has been formed.

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that the Beijing Winter Olympics Park is a large-scale park in the west of Shijingshan Mountain. Because of the large area of ​​the park, many entrances and exits, and the lack of convenient public transportation around it, most citizens drive to the park. Previously, the parking order at some entrances and exits of the park was chaotic, and it was difficult to meet demand during peak hours. To this end, Shijingshan District took the “Beijing Special Action to Deconsolidate and Renovate to Promote Upgrading” as the starting point, fully grasped the project opportunities, and formed the “1412” work concept, that is, “1 park, 4 areas, 12 points”. The environment in the northeastern part of the Beijing Winter Olympics Park has been renovated and improved. The renovation project has been completed and put into use.

The renovation project focuses on improving parking order around the Winter Olympic Park. Through environmental cleaning, adding car blocking equipment, and optimizing parking lot flow lines, we will supplement the internal pedestrian passages in the parking lot, solve the problem of random parking, and ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. The Shougang South District plot at the east entrance of the Winter Olympic Park will be used to build a temporary parking lot with 477 new parking spaces to ensure the parking needs of tourists while visiting the park, and at the same time, it can be used as a secure venue for large-scale events. Seizing the opportunity of this project, 201 parking spaces were released in the temporary parking lot of the BBMG plot, while solving the parking problem for residents of BBMG Riverside Park and visitors to the Winter Olympics Park.

At the same time, while solving the “parking difficulty”, the project also improved the surrounding environment of the park. Yandi North Road and East Road have environmental problems such as lack of sidewalks, motor vehicles occupying the road, chaotic roadside environment, and excessive accumulation of debris. The project will harden the bare ground on both sides of the road, repair and paint the walls along the line, and repair optical cables and cables. and damage cameras to improve the overall environment of back streets and alleys. In addition, relying on engineering construction, the project added night lighting facilities in the main entrance area of ​​the Winter Olympic Park to eliminate potential safety hazards at night.