Entropy Technology: Focusing on five key R&D directions to lay out the global supply chain system

Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network News Entropy Technology released a record of investor relations activities on the evening of September 21, and introduced the company’s current five major research and development priorities in response to investors’ questions.

Deep research on multi-modal BioCV artificial intelligence technology. The company has developed from a single biometric technology to a computer vision and biometric multi-modal BioCV artificial intelligence technology company. The biometric focus is on the algorithm optimization and popularization of palm, non-contact fingerprint, and iris technologies. In particular, palm recognition technology is experiencing an explosive period this year, with products being commercialized in fields such as import and export, and financial payments.

Technology development in the field of computer vision technology in retail scenarios. The retail scene detection and identification platform developed by the company focuses on supermarket retail and uses multi-dimensional sensing technology to accurately identify targets in the scene, including products and shelves, weighing and checkout counter products, clothing logos, and even specific products (such as cigarettes and beverage bottles). )’s fine-grained features help shelf management, out-of-stock monitoring, and improve operating efficiency.

Create a new generation of pan-entrance and exit IoT sensing application platform (Wangorida), based on computer vision and multi-modal BIOCV technology, introduce multi-dimensional sensing technology, and launch a new pan-entry and exit IoT sensing application platform. Centered on intelligent and scenario-based needs, the platform comprehensively monitors equipment, entrances and exits, application software and sensing data to achieve intelligent analysis and precise management and control to meet the needs of diverse application scenarios.

Create a cloud platform and cloud service system (Goddess Platform), a SaaS cloud digital marketing solution for small and medium-sized retailers for traditional entrance and exit and attendance businesses, with a comprehensive managed operation and maintenance model to provide integrated digital tools, including content placement, interaction Experience, store intelligent analysis, electronic labels, POS systems, data analysis, equipment operation and maintenance, and business data analysis provide comprehensive solutions for retailers.

Research and development of intelligent terminals based on large language model and multi-modal computer vision large model technology. The new smart terminal developed by the company integrates ChatGPT technology, machine vision and speech recognition technology to achieve the integration of multiple interaction methods such as dialogue, vision and voice, creating new possibilities for intelligent applications in diverse scenarios. This terminal has a wide screen of more than 21 inches. It is combined with an audio and video interactive perception system to realize natural human-machine dialogue and bring an efficient user experience. It has a wide range of applications and integrates large language models and machine vision technology to further improve interactive performance.

The company also introduced that its overseas business has maintained steady growth. Currently and in the future, global marketing network construction projects will be implemented step by step at home and abroad according to global market conditions, and performance will be improved by broadening and deepening the marketing service system.

The company has technical service and manufacturing supply chain bases in India and Thailand, and a localized closed-loop service supply chain in the United States. The company has laid out a global supply chain system, attaches great importance to compliance work, complies with relevant national compliance requirements, strictly abides by product standards, and deeply integrates various business activities into local areas to cope with overseas business risks. (Huang Shu)