Entering the way of life (25): Dress well, eat well, sleep well, and be a “three-good student”

Into the way of life

Ms. Wu sprained her foot, and the doctor said it would take some time to recover. After hearing about it last night, I suggested that she try the trick.

At noon, Ms. Wu jumped up and down. Symptoms have improved from yesterday, but still can’t walk on the ground. The affected area is on the dorsum of the right foot, with some bruises.

After the head maneuver, I asked her to try walking, which was obviously much better. She continued to massage on the large tendon behind the armpit on the opposite side of the affected part and the area of ​​Shaoyang meridian and Yangming meridian of the elbow. She said that the symptoms suddenly worsened and she was a little nervous.

I smiled and asked, “How is the pain now compared to before the manipulation?” She said, “Of course it’s much better.” I comforted her: “The symptoms on the feet are changing, which means the manipulation is working.” TCM manipulation is the same as acupuncture and moxibustion. , is a two-way benign regulation for the human body. Ms. Wu does not know much about traditional Chinese medicine, so she has to explain it to her.

Then she massaged the palm of her hand for a while, and she said, “It’s much better. Except for feeling a little sore and swollen, there’s nothing wrong with it.” I instructed her to continue to do the manipulation if she has symptoms. Depending on the situation today, maybe two Three days is fine.

Image source: Xinjiang Queen Bee

Ms. Sha brought her daughter over for consultation. Ms. Sha’s daughter is in her third year of junior high school and will start school in two days. Recently, she has been suffering from nosebleeds and acne on her face.

The T-shirt that Ms. Sha’s daughter was wearing was a bit short, with her belly button and life gate exposed. I poured hot water, but the little guy had to drink his own mineral water.

I don’t know if she came voluntarily, or if she came to her mother’s face, and if you want her to be obedient, you must first make her believe you.

I went straight to the point and asked, “Besides nosebleeds and pimples on your face, do you often feel uncomfortable in your stomach? Do you have chest tightness? Is your throat always blocked? Do you have dysmenorrhea?”

A series of symptoms were mentioned by me, and the little girl’s eyes changed obviously. Then she performed head, chest, abdomen and back manipulations. She said: “My body is loose, my back is hot, and I start to sweat slightly.”

I asked if other symptoms had changed, and she said it seemed to be better than before. It is really difficult to answer the specific feelings that I don’t know much about my body. Her mother and I found that the child’s face was obviously ruddy, and his breathing became deeper and longer.

With that foundation in place, I started “taking lessons”. Let’s talk about the belly button first. When it was in the mother’s womb, it was connected with the mother to deliver nutrition. Do you think it’s important? The latter is called the gate of life. As the name suggests, it is the gate of life. Is it important or not? The little girl nodded again and again.

I told her to adjust her living habits, dress well, eat well, sleep well, and be a “three-good student”, and some physical symptoms will naturally ease or disappear. If you don’t change it, no matter how good the method is, it can’t completely solve the problem. Learning to do things according to the laws of nature is what the disease wants to pass on to you.

I’m not sure if these words were heard. Judging from her expression, at least it wasn’t that contradictory. She went back to school the day after tomorrow and agreed to continue doing this trick tomorrow.

Image source: Xinjiang Queen Bee

In the night, I heard Dabai wake up his throat two or three times, his voice was much quieter, and it should be better. In the morning, I did another manipulation for Dabai, still on the back, the middle and the sides of the abdomen, and the front and back legs. Dabai understood what it meant, and he was very cooperative.

A practitioner of internal acupuncture asked before, can you also use fingering for dogs, cats, and other animals? I said, yes, animals are also life on earth, and they also follow the laws of nature. The difference is our heart, not the way of heaven.

(Recorded on August 25, 2022)