Entering May, the yearning is still there, the old people are not forgotten, the sincerity is not lost, and the three constellations hold hands for a lifetime

Introduction: In the next month, those who will not forget the old love, be haunted by longing, and remember the past in their hearts will have more possibilities. In the days to come, there will be infinite possibilities. If you can’t let go of the obsession in your heart, then why not Do your best to fight once, so that even if you can’t save it in the end, at least you won’t have regrets or regrets in your heart. If we can really get together again, then I believe this hard work will also leave a deep mark in each other’s hearts and become a good memory. So we have to be full of expectations for the future. After entering May, those three constellations who still miss the old people, live up to their sincerity, and hold hands for a lifetime, you will usher in a new start, learn to cherish each other.

Pisces: 2.20-3.20

One of the biggest advantages of Pisces is their rich feelings, so once they are immersed in their feelings, they will be a good partner who knows how to think about each other and how to tolerate their lovers. But because of the rich emotions, sometimes they will appear very sensitive and suspicious. They like to immerse themselves in fantasies, and they will always compete with themselves, so sometimes conflicts occur, and they will lack communication with each other. Gradually, it will lead to the ending of breaking up. However, in the hearts of Pisces, breaking up does not mean that you don’t love, but because you don’t have a better understanding of each other’s minds amidst many misunderstandings, so as long as you open up your hearts, there is actually a big difference. May recombine.

Aries: 3.21-4.20

The thing that partners like the bold Aries most is that they are more straightforward in dealing with people, so they usually say what they think in their hearts, and they don’t need to work hard to guess their thoughts. As long as they wait patiently, they will hold back in a short time. I couldn’t help but want to speak my mind. They are always full of sunny, strong and optimistic positive energy, so getting along with them will be very happy, and it is still very sweet when they are in love. However, sheep and sheep have a disadvantage that they are more impulsive. If they feel a little uncomfortable, they will say some hurtful words, which will easily cause irreversible things when two people get along. So in the next month, Aries should not only reflect on their mistakes to save their relationship, but also try to get rid of their shortcomings, so that it is possible to wait until the old man turns back.

Scorpio: 10.24-11.22

Scorpios always have a sense of mystery, so they will attract others to approach them and understand them, so such people are generally surrounded by many opposite sexes. However, their personalities are more extreme, possessive, and they have plans for their own lives. Once you break into his world, he will quickly think about the future life direction of both of you, and hold the attitude of living for a lifetime. To fall in love with you. But they have a little grudge, so sometimes people feel that they like to turn over old scores, which will make their lovers distressed. But as long as you keep your mentality in the next month, think more about happy things, and show yourself more positive energy, you will soon be noticed by your lover, and there will be more possibilities for the two.

Conclusion: So in the emotional world, there will always be someone who chooses to take a step back at the right time, so that the two can get along longer, and the shortcomings on the body must be corrected as much as possible, and they can be forgiven by the other party once and twice. The first time, but the third time will say goodbye completely.