Embarrassing: Netease Blizzard “after breaking up” the national server Battle.net cannot be uninstalled normally

Recently, NetEase and Blizzard officially “broke up”, announcing the official termination of the agency cooperation between the two parties for more than ten years.

However, for players who have not uninstalled the game and the national server Battle.net in order to stay in the game at the last moment, the breakdown of the cooperation between the two parties should be a bit of a headache besides regret.

Recently, some players reported that because the server has been shut down, their own national server Battle.net has an embarrassing problem that it cannot be uninstalled normally.

It is reported that in the normal uninstallation process of Battle.net, it is necessary to visit the Battle.net server for verification, but now that the national server has been shut down, the national server Battle.net cannot complete the access normally, causing the window to stop at the uninstallation interface, unable to complete the operation .

For players, there are two ways to solve this problem:

First of all, you can change the Battle.net client to the international server version through the previous method of converting the national server Battle.net to the international server, and then perform the uninstallation operation through the international server.

However, there are some well-known problems in accessing the international server in China, which requires a special network environment.

In addition, you can also complete the uninstallation through unconventional methods such as manually deleting files and cleaning the registry, but this will inevitably cause omissions, and it is not as clean as the official uninstallation.