Elliott’s goal helped Liverpool seal victory with a domineering remark after the game

  In the Champions League group stage, Liverpool beat Ajax 3-0 away, Salah, Nunes and Elliott scored. Liverpool qualified one round ahead of schedule.

  In the 51st minute of the game, Salah made a direct pass, Elliott shot from the upper right corner of the small penalty area into the upper corner, and Liverpool sealed the victory 3-0.

  Elliott scored in the last round of the 7-1 victory over Rangers. After scoring again in the Champions League this round, he also became the first U19 player in Liverpool team history to score consecutive goals in the Champions League.

  Talking about his goal after the game, Elliott said domineeringly: “My goal was clean and neat, my right leg is not just for standing!”

  This season, Elliott has made 5 appearances in the Champions League, scoring 2 goals, and has made 11 appearances in the Premier League, scoring 1 goal.