“Egg Party” candy sweetheart season kicks off! First look at season appearance and event strategy

Candy storm, the sweetness is explosive! The new season “Candy Sweetheart” of the trendy casual competitive mobile game “Egg Party” will be fully opened tomorrow. The occasional mischievous “Rainbow Candy Witch” and the honey and adventure-loving “Sugar Bear Prince” , “Prayer Spirit” carrying thousands of wishes… A journey to find the true meaning of friendship is about to be staged in the candy forest. The season blind box appearance and event guides full of sweetness are now available, come and meet the sweet perfect moments of the new season!

Candy and sweetheart season is a new start
“Candy Sweetheart” season blind box appearance sweet exposure

The “Sweet Candy Witch” who lives in the candy forest has the super power to turn her favorite friends into candy animals. She only knows how to use pranks to attract everyone’s attention. She is often alienated by friends around her because of her poor handling. In order to find true friendship, she embarks on a journey to find the Sleeping Tree.

“Rainbow Candy Witch” is made of hard candy, and has a angular, crystal clear powder-blue gradient candy body that reflects gem-like brilliance in the sun. The huge witch hat on the top of the head is made of trendy laser material, and the dark pink color band is hovering along the high tip of the hat. The meticulously woven two-color double ponytail is fastened with a magic bow and embellished with candies of various colors, exuding an irresistible sweetness.

Skittles Witch
The “Sugar Bear Prince”, who has lived in a candy castle since childhood, is full of yearning for the outside world. To find out what true friendship is, the little prince embarks on an expedition. The fragrant, soft, and full of Q bombs, “Sugar Bear Prince” is made of soft candy. With a delicate little crown on his head and a majestic love cloak, he was full of enthusiasm and friendliness, and broke into everyone’s sight with an irresistible force.

Sugar Bear Prince
The “Prayer Spirit” exists to fulfill Eggman’s wish. And when the wish is fulfilled, the wish spirit will turn into starry morning dew and fall on the roots of the sleeping tree. The “Prayer Spirit” is in the shape of transparent water droplets, and the jelly texture makes its surface moist like water. When it was first born, it opened its ignorant eyes, and its cheeks gradually blushed under the gaze of the prayer.

Wishing Spirit
Candy Castle’s “Marshmallow Deacon,” “Marshmallow Maid,” and “Marshmallow Chef” are on call. As long as you give an order, they will offer the most perfect itinerary planning, the most thoughtful and considerate service and the sweetest candy feast.

Marshmallow Deacon Marshmallow Maid Marshmallow Chef (left to right)
“Candy Candy Season” Party Book Rewards List

The “Candy Sweetheart” Season Party Handbook is divided into two parts, the basic version and the advanced version, and the corresponding rewards are different. Reaching level 50 in the Basic Party Handbook this season, you can get all the rewards: 800 trendy fibers, 17500 bottle caps, rare expression “cover your face”, advanced avatar frame “sweet avatar frame”, rare accessory “sweet corn”, advanced costume” Moe Tweet Suit”.

Moe Chiu suit
After upgrading the party manual to advanced, in addition to rich currency and prop rewards such as 300 egg coins and 30 rainbow coins, you can also get a rare blind box “twitter”, a collection accessory “eggshell glasses”, and a rare avatar frame. “Gummy Bear Avatar Frame”, Premium Nickname Box “Candy Nickname Box”, Collectible Action “Blowing Bubble”, Collectible Accessory “Morning Dew Berries” and Rare Blind Box “Longbeak”.

Chick (left) Longbeak (right)
The party book exchange store is sweetly refreshed, and the collection blind box “Parrot Zhizhi” and the collection accessory “Lark Nest” are on the shelves! Down feathers, the orange crown feathers on the top of the head stand up playfully, while the tail and wing tips extend fresh green. There is a sun-like orange halo on the bulging cheeks, which is full of affinity. “Parrot Zhizhi” treats every feather as a treasure. If you find his feathers, please keep them well.

Parrot Chi Chi
Complete tier tasks to win season rewards

After the “Candy Sweetheart” season starts, the game will downgrade and inherit the player’s “Wang Wang rushing forward” rank according to the rank inheritance rules. At the same time, the opening of the new season also brings new rank tasks. Complete the specified tasks to receive rich rewards such as “Chocolate Clerk Set”, “Twisting Candy Canes”, “Marshmallow Portrait Frame” and so on!

Chocolate Clerk Set
Participate in seasonal activities to exchange sweet “Fantastic Shells”

The new “Candy Sweetheart” season event is about to open! After completing the season task to exchange for star candy, you can go to the exchange shop to get the rare blind box “Fantastic Shell”, the rare accessory “Wave Glasses”, the rare accessory “Cream Chocolate”, and more seasons Rewards such as limited rare expressions, actions, and exquisite nickname boxes are waiting for you to redeem!

fondant shell
The Candy Party is open, visit the sweet dreamland! The new season “Candy Sweetheart” of the trendy casual competitive mobile game “Egg Party” is about to start. Candy’s “Sweet Trap”!

【About “Egg Party”】

Attention! You have entered the world of the blind box, the cute eggs are coming, and the party is on! “Egg Party” is a casual competitive mobile game with a trendy theme. Here you will become a cute egg and join the lively and extraordinary level. party. Let’s bump into the unhappy together and make good bumping friends!