Editorial Department | This week’s editor’s recommendation, natural beauty has to rely on the right care

I think oh, the biggest lie about girls is not “the prince and princess live happily together at last”, but – natural beauty.

The older I get, the more I believe that the “natural beauty” of a woman’s life is really very, very short, especially in the current environment and pressure of life.

A woman who takes care of herself to shine is either a scholar who really studies in depth, or simply rich. The former is to spend your own money and choose the right product (but only if you have the underlying logic and knowledge to support it), while the latter is simple and rude, handing over the money to others to do it for you.

I have had headaches because of my hair since I was a child. My mother always said that her hair was fine and soft, which made me feel that my hair was going to stick to my scalp for the rest of my life, so I bought a lot of hair root tools. Until I visited the Kao Group in Japan, there was an interaction to test the thickness of the hair strands. The result was that my strands of hair were not very thin, and belonged to the normal range of Asian girls (even thicker), and that moment changed my hair. Some ideas, should not rely on innate, nor should only believe in innate.

Therefore, the knowledge of scalp, hair follicle, and hair maintenance began to be learned little by little (obviously, it belongs to the one without money), I have shared my combs with you before, and now I recommend the product that you can’t stop recently – Kashi Scalp series soothing serum.

The instructions let you use it every morning and night before going to bed for three weeks. I use it every morning and the effect is enough to make me happy all day.

The most direct effect is that the hair roots are fluffy, and it can last for 2-3 days. Every time a dropper (with scale), the hair is divided into three parts and dripped at the hair seam, and then I will beat it with a horn hairbrush Give your scalp a touch, and with the high-grade fragrance of Kärshi, it is really refreshing to use this method in the morning!

This is my third day after washing my hair! As before, my hair was already lying down, and I even cut my long hair short because I couldn’t wash my hair every day. Now that I think about it, it’s really unnecessary. All you need is to use the right products.

So, there is no natural beauty, just the right product and the right care.

Hand creams used in winter will be consciously replaced with warm ones. On a dry day like Beijing, with strong winds blowing every three days, I really can’t live without it for a minute, and it needs to be moist and thick enough to feel safe.

For the daily cream, I still choose a familiar brand. L’Occitane, this wood fruit warm chestnut, looks warm. No matter how dry my hands are, they will spread immediately after applying them. I also like the smell. It’s not the frivolous floral scent, it’s more woody, and it’s very long-lasting. After wiping and typing on the computer keyboard for an afternoon, it’s fragrant hahaha.

So I put in the body lotion, the texture is lighter than the hand cream, but the fragrance is the same rich and long-lasting, ready to be packed!

The weather is getting colder and colder, and the way to take care of yourself is to add a pair of warm home slippers for yourself, apart from replacing the iced Americano with a hot latte.

I participated in the event last week and received this pair of fluffy slippers from Another Project. The material of the rabbit fur feels really good! ! The colors are also very beautiful. The brand has four colors: brown, pink, yellow and blue.

I chose the blue pair, which is the kind of dark blue that matches well. The moment I stepped in, my whole body was healed. If there is a reason why I like winter, it is probably because of this “warm feeling of wrapping”!

Seeing that Innisfree Nail Polish has a discount, I picked a blue one, the color number # shallow sea paradise. Because I’m chasing newjeans recently, the denim color matches the album quite well.

The water-based ones may be thinner, and it will be very even after applying four layers, and then stick some stickers, and the y2k wind will come soon~

Showdown! I’m a superstitious person… I went shopping with my friends some time ago, and I saw the card of Duke Zhou’s interpretation of dreams at a glance, and I called him a good guy, but I want to take it apart and see what’s inside?

And then… I just bought it. ️

Behind each card is written what each dream means, which is actually a bit “boring”, and later I used it as a bookmark, which was quite convenient hahaha.

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