Editorial Department|The relaxation of life, it is better to start here




The word “relaxation” has been heard all the time lately. For many people these days, it’s too hard to let go of the work they are busy with every day. Living with a sense of relaxation means that you don’t want as much and don’t work so hard for many things, and the premise is that you don’t actually lack anything.

Wanting to live a slow life every day is like retiring early, it is impossible to say. But occasionally finding the pause button can also give you a moment of relief. So how do you find this place where you press the pause?

Everyone has experienced the physical and mental comfort brought by yoga. The relaxation technique after doing yoga is done from the inside out, feeling that every muscle, every nerve, and even every pore and cell in the whole body are very relaxed.

In life, you can also relax your nerves, skin and mood. There is definitely one for body care. Wash your head, take a shower, simply apply body lotion, and care for your hands and feet. At this time, I have no other thoughts in my mind, just focus on my own body, not to mention decompression and comfort.

Several Double Eleven lists came out two days ago, and some people want to hear recommendations on body care. Today, I just used this topic to “search” the editorial department’s “three-year use and five-year repurchase” for you. You can make it up if you need it, don’t hoard it blindly if you don’t need it~

Winter hair is always oily for no reason. I just washed it yesterday, and I woke up this morning feeling that my hair was oily, and my hair was sparsely falling out, which made me a little upset. If it really doesn’t work, just change the shampoo, we can’t change our heads.


Greenyard Empowerment

Revitalizing Shampoo

Greenyard is an expert in essential oil scalp care for 60 years. I wonder why it just doesn’t catch on. Small white beads, small green beads, and small powder beads, each product can accurately target hair problems, and there is no excess. Not fire is probably lost to the propaganda that does not like noisy.

This bottle of Little Green Pearl is mainly for oil control and strong hair. When washing, you need to rub the essential oil microbeads and apply them to the hair. Just rub it in and rinse it off, you can feel the scalp is relaxed. After blow-drying, the hair is not only fluffy, but also exploded.

The design of 0 silicone oil, refreshing and oil control is in place, but if you want your hair to be softer, it will be better to add conditioner or hair mask. This year, we didn’t just buy a whole set of hair care products. For our own hair problems, we prefer to choose hair care products that are suitable for us.


L’Oreal PRO Core Tough

hair repair mask

A good hair mask not only has a smooth and immediate effect, but also needs to improve the hair quality, especially the damaged hair after perming. The L’Oreal PRO hair mask feels like frizzy hair, but it also becomes smooth and shiny.

The texture is like a cream, squeeze the water out of the hair, apply the mask and wait for a minute to wash it off. After washing, the hair is shiny and soft enough after blow-drying. It is a little more expensive than ordinary hair masks, but the effect has a feeling of money spent on a knife’s edge.

As for taking a bath, on weekends, I will arrange a “big project” for myself – to remove the dead skin on my body. I have recommended a lot of body scrubs before, but today I want to talk about a refreshing green tea scrub that can break the sultry feeling of steam in the bathroom.


 Alpaalin Green Tea

 Scented Scrub

It smells very nice of green tea, and it has a bit of orange to break up the overly monotonous green tea scent. The scrub particles are made of pecans of different particle sizes, which have a better effect on removing old dead skin cells. After rubbing, the skin is smooth.

To make the skin feel better, it has also added vegetable oils to moisturize the skin. The presence of green tea extract improves dullness by the way. Cleansing, moisturizing, full of scrub, skin is comfortable after washing.

The scrub is also used regularly, and the most used daily is the shower gel. A person who loves wine to the core can’t resist the rum-flavored body wash.



Rum Cleansing Body Wash

The transparent gel is very easy to rub out the foam, and even the foaming net is saved. The foam is soft and comfortable on the skin, and the light rum smell will not attract you. It’s clean with a simple rinse, and it’s not slippery.

Complimented on its moisturizing ability, there is no tightness after the body dries. There is no sense of urgency to find a body lotion immediately after washing. Later, I also bought a bottle and put it on the sink, which is also good for daily hand washing.

In this dry season, who can resist the temptation of body oils? Especially after taking a shower, my skin is dry and wrinkled. Try to apply body oil when your body is half dry. A thin protective film of oil can lock in moisture.


 Aveeno Hydrating Oil Mist

I like this bottle of body oil because of its texture, it is said to be oil, but it is made into an oil-in-water state. In the form of a spray, it can be sprayed evenly on the skin. Gently spreads and absorbs quickly. Skin is refreshed and not dry, with a faint oatmeal fragrance.

The oil is mainly made of oat oil and jojoba oil, 98% natural ingredients, which are more friendly to people with sensitive skin. After using it for a week or so, the skin feels smooth and smooth. Elbows and ankles are rough and hard, you can spray twice more, there is a good improvement.

This is not over yet, the most easily overlooked part of the body is the feet. Usually you don’t pay attention to it, and when the skin is dry and cracked, you can’t be fooled. Especially the heel part, which is the mark left by walking over time, and taking care of it “on a whim” for three or two days, in fact, it does not have much effect.


 Vaseline Nourishing and Repairing Foot Mask

The best way to take care of your feet is to take care of them when you apply body lotion, plus intensive care 2-3 times a week, so that your feet and chapped feet in autumn and winter will not stick to them. If you want more nourishment, try Vaseline.

It not only contains the classic Vaseline micro-jelly and nourishing nut seeds and coconut oil, but also adds niacinamide to help improve the dullness of the feet. Open the cover and fix it on your feet. In the next 20 minutes, whether you are applying a mask or playing with a mobile phone, you will not be delayed.

After removing the foot mask, the essence remaining on the feet is massaged and absorbed, and you can sleep with socks on. I can’t say how tender my feet are now, at least they are smooth to the touch, there is no dead skin, and it is not easy to dry and crack.

Don’t think it’s more annoying to have so many things to do. Isn’t life like this, the more things there are, the more you have to learn to find your own rhythm and try to dissolve them slowly.

I don’t think it’s necessary to create a sense of looseness. Live every necessary moment in your life. You can also find a relaxed and comfortable rhythm of life~