Edison Chen visited Disney and became a daughter slave! Wearing a sweater is responsible for taking pictures of my daughter, and my wife is the shopkeeper

Sweaters are no strangers to everyone. This panacea item in the fashion circle has always played a very important role, almost to the point where men and women take all, especially for men, the choice of their own clothing is very important. Few, it is really rare to achieve a fashionable effect like a sweater, so sweaters are also favored by everyone.

The male god Edison Chen really never disappointed everyone in the aspect of dressing up. After retiring from the circle, Brother Guanxi still maintains a high level of popularity, especially in terms of fashion, this male god also has unique insights. The second appearance has left a deep impression on people. He is very good at dressing up. I believe that he is a man in his early 20s. He is very good at dressing up.

Dressing Tips: Hooded Sweater

Pros: Casual and youthful

When it comes to the choice of sweaters, I believe everyone has an answer in their hearts, that is to choose a hood directly. This does not mean that the round neck is not perfect. From a fashion point of view, the round neck is really too casual, unlike a hood. So versatile and easy to wear, and at the same time, in terms of fashion and shaping, hoods are also more abundant, which can meet the needs of men.

This time I accompany my daughter to check in to Disney, and the elderly Edison Chen has become a daughter’s slave. She is wearing a hooded sweater with a simple style, but when worn on a man of his age, she looks young and energetic, very beautiful. It doesn’t look like a dad at all.

Dressing Tips: Letters + Black and Red Color Matching

Advantages: Personality is interesting, avoid simplicity

Sweater styles become more and more abundant with the upper body rate, but when facing this basic item, whether it is men or women, be sure to choose styles with fashion elements, even if the colors are different , but also to highlight the charm of the shape, to avoid the simplicity and cheapness of clothing, otherwise it will not show its due charm.

Edison Chen, who turned into a daughter slave, chose this hooded sweater is still very good, with black as the base color in a large area, although it looks a little simple, but the red elements are embellished, and the letter logo is still very attractive.

Dressing Tips: Dyed Jeans

Advantages: Street super hair, full of fashion sense

The matching of sweater and jeans is the top of the fashion circle. Both are basic items. Although their own sense of fashion is a bit lacking, through the matching of clothes and the choice of styles, they can definitely show a difference. fashion beauty, especially for men, the combination of sweater and jeans is really not greasy, and it looks young.

Edison Chen chooses jeans to match his bottoms, but when choosing jeans, his brother’s dyed style is really fancy, and most people can’t hold it, but it looks really good when worn on him. .

Dressing Tips: Cake Princess Dress

Pros: Cake Princess Dress

Little girls may not dress as richly as mature women, but in terms of style choices, there are still quite a variety of styles. The most classic is the princess dress. Through tailoring design and garish fashion elements, it shows a good shape, very It is beautiful and a must-have item for little girls.

This time I checked in to Disney, and my daughter was also very photogenic. She was wearing a cake princess dress. The style was very attractive. Although the long sleeves were a bit procrastinating, it was still very beautiful.

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