“Eating Chicken” parent company’s new tour is about to explode again? Fairy fights in the Steam comment area

“Eating Chicken” parent company’s new tour is about to explode again? Fairy fights in the Steam comment area

If you want to comment on the most popular games in the past 5 years, then “PUBG Mobile” must be on the list!

Since its launch in 2017, the impact of “PUBG Mobile” on the game circle has not been large. It not only brought fire to the gameplay of “eating chicken”, but also derived it into a major game category, and even brought a major update to the Internet cafe industry, allowing many anchors and professional players to reach their peaks because of it.

In addition, “PUBG Mobile” has also changed the consumption concept of some domestic players to a certain extent, ushering in the spring for game developers. It is precisely because of this that while “PUBG Mobile” exploded, the parent company behind it, KRAFTON, also received more attention and expectations.

Of course, KRAFTON is also worthy of the expectations of more people. After all, it can make a phenomenal game such as “Jedi Survival”, and it is very likely that another explosive game will be released. Sure enough, KRAFTON has already started to act, and recently brought its new game “Brave of the Moon” to meet you.

At present, although “Brave of the Moon” is still in the EA testing stage, and its release has only been around for more than 10 days, it has already attracted the attention of players all over the world. Today, the evaluation area of ​​”Brave Moon Warrior” on the Steam platform can be described as a fight between gods and gods, and you can even see thousands of words written in various languages.

Evaluation of Steam Players in Various Countries

According to reports, “Brave of the Moon” is a turn-based strategy tabletop simulation game whose core lies in the confrontation between strategic games. As a fan of this type of game, Game Daily just happened to be playing it recently, so let me tell you about the game experience.

In terms of difficulty in getting started, the “Brave Moon Warrior” is actually very simple, similar to some traditional card games, except that it has become the form of chess pieces. If you are a player who has experience in this type of game, you can easily get started without a high threshold.

As for the gameplay, since the game is currently in the EA testing phase, the content may be slightly lacking. Although there are only three modes at present, namely player battle, man-machine battle and level-break mode, but in its core strategy game, you can still feel a full confrontation experience.

There is no problem with the overall operation logic of the game, and there will be a clear positioning design between each different type of chess piece. It is precisely because of this that the lineup construction of “Moonbreaker” can experience a clear sense of thickness when there are not many chess pieces at present.

In addition, the most worth mentioning is the painting system of “Brave of the Moon”, which is also a highlight of the game for players who like “hand work”. In the game, players can paint the pieces as they like and customize the appearance according to their own imagination.

Moreover, the painting of “Brave of the Moon” is not an ordinary single layer, but a very layered and delicate feeling. For example, after the general painting is finished, the inside and outside become the same. In “Brave of the Moon”, you can truly customize from the inside out.

For now, although there are still some flaws in the EA version of “Moonbreaker”, the overall game experience will not be affected. Perhaps, this is why it has only been on for more than 10 days, and it can attract players from all over the world to play, and it is highly recommended after playing.

All in all, although it is not yet complete, it is definitely not a loss to start now. Especially for players who like this type of game, then it is definitely worth a try!