“Eat chicken” old players change 3 ID lottery, increase the probability of “miracles”? Sure enough, there are tricks!

Welcome to the “Peace Elite” “Elite Small Classroom” taught by Tiange~ I don’t know if you find out that whenever this game welcomes a new skin with good looks and good quality, it will always become a hot topic One of the most important game topics, but if it does not meet the aesthetic requirements of players, it will be ignored by most players and rarely mentioned.

Taking the “Sanctuary of Light” that debuted this time as an example, it belongs to the “middle carousel” in the lucky carousel, and the “secondary set” in it even surpassed the C-position suit in terms of popularity, which caused a lot of discussion, especially A statement about the probability of drawing a lottery.

The appearance and quality are excellent, and the “single extraction miracle” can be seen everywhere.

Old players who are familiar with “Peace Elite” know that whenever the appearance and quality of the new skin are good, there will be a “full street” grand occasion. Whether it is a treasure chest or a lucky wheel, the player’s game community will There are frequent sayings like “single-drawing miracles”, and even some up owners will post videos of themselves being “probable” and claim that the probability is wrong this time.

For example, after the “Sanctuary of Light” was put on the shelves, the “Secondary Set” Cold Light Messenger was recognized by many players with the cute angel wings and the version of the one-piece skirt, and its popularity once surpassed the C-suite. Therefore, we can always see the topic of getting this suit by a ten-draw or a single draw.

It is undeniable that this “secondary set” cold light messenger is really good to a certain extent, especially after matching with a backpack of suitable size, the natural DIY makes many players shine.

But can’t there always be a probability change because of this? After all, in addition to the probability lottery, the “middle wheel” in the lucky wheel can also be exchanged for fragments. Photon will not arbitrarily adjust the probability in order to ensure performance, but why are there “single draw miracles” that can be seen everywhere?

Old players change 3 IDs for lottery, increase the probability of “miracles”? Sure enough, there are tricks!

Some fans found Brother Tian and said that they had changed 3 IDs to try to challenge the lucky turntable this time, and they found something wrong.

The first is the first ID, that is, the player’s own “large”, with a calorific value of more than 100,000. He is an “exclusive car owner” with a level 7 Lotus, but this time, he has drawn more than 270 times. , In the end, the fragments were exchanged for the aircraft.

However, it is the second ID, which comes from the player’s “trumpet”. The heat value is only a few thousand. It is rarely a lottery on weekdays. “It looks pretty, so I tried to challenge the lottery, but I didn’t expect that in the second round of “Ten Draws”, I got the best-looking messenger of cold light.

Finally, there is the third ID, which comes from the player’s game CP. It has been given many times by the player himself to the skin of the big turntable. Occasionally, he will also directly redeem the coupons or draw a lottery. The heat value is more than 20,000. The “set” is all based on the guarantee, and the fragments obtained in the lottery are exchanged for many times. During the whole lottery process, there is not even a pink-level parachute.

To sum up, the so-called “single draw miracle” actually has traces to follow. Once the ID of the lottery has not been challenged for a long time, and its heat value is not high, there will be a high probability of obtaining rare skins with extremely low coupons. .

According to Brother Tian, ​​such miracles may also occur on some IDs that have not entered the game for a long time. For IDs that have not entered the game for more than 7 consecutive days, the probability of the lottery will also increase~

After talking about the tricks of the lottery probability, let’s take a look at the quest rewards sent by Photon. Brother Tian can only say: It’s really Photon, and it’s still so “true and generous”. ” of the old skins, and they are all limited to 30 days.

It’s no wonder why there are players who “praise” the photon strangely, hey~

Well, the above is the whole content of the “Elite Small Classroom” of “Peace Elite”, thank you for reading, and see you in the comment area next.

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