Easter is officially on! Xiaoxin Shen won the first round of natural selection, and won the big game

The second season of the 2022 NBPL Professional League is coming to an end, and the exciting resurrection match has officially started on October 27. It is the goal of every professional player to advance to the finals and compete for the championship honor. At the last moment, the players will surely exert 200% of their momentum. In the first day of the competition, Xiaoxin Shen showed the tenacious vitality of “living to the death”. From the loser’s group to the final selection, he survived the hardship!

In the first game of the single-row resurrection match, Xiaoxinshen finally won the final selection and the honor of God of War. But in fact, this little new god is really not easy. In the early stage, he fell to the ground in the melee and became the loser group. If you want to get good grades, you can only live and try not to have more conflicts.

He was even stuck in the dark field by his opponent. He could only eat poison and hide in the invisible grass. He moved into the circle step by step. At that time, Xiaoxin Shen really only had a trace of blood, and his equipment was not very good. It was an extreme disadvantage. status. However, with the excellent handling in the melee, the situation was reversed.

In the peak duel between Sha Nan and Huo Nan, Sha Nan’s ability to control the field strongly won the dominant position in the Plum Blossom Pile. Xiaoxinshen kept “sneak attack” on the fire man swimming in midair underneath, and he always kept a safe position. The fire men didn’t suffer too much damage when they threw fireballs in the air.

In the end, he successfully won the holly. Although the fire man’s Liaoyuan Qi is very strong, it can’t stop the wind spirit’s control and charge damage. The clear mind and calm handling in the finals allowed Xiaoxinshen to get a good start. At the same time, this is also a big game! In the post-match interview stage, Xiaoxin Shen also said that he has been very “rolled” these days. Basically, he is still training at 2:00 in the morning! A very hard worker indeed.

Xiaoxinshen, who won the big game with a good start, also played steadily and continued to exert his strength in the follow-up games on the first day of the resurrection. In the follow-up games, he has always maintained a good state, and he has performed well in beatings and rankings. In the end, he also won the top spot on the first day of the resurrection after six games, and a good score of 48.5 points basically confirmed his promotion.

The second place was Wang Liang, who scored 45.1 points. Both of these two won two God of War honors on the first day of the resurrection, and the performance of each one was also very stable, which can be proved from the point fault.

At 17:00 on October 28th, the third row of the resurrection will start. Who will be the leading team after 6 games? Let’s wait and see. Players can also pay attention to the official Weibo of @eternal robbery event for more information and exciting benefits~