“E-sports Beijing” to build a campus brand activity Beijing (International) College Student E-sports Festival kicks off

The picture shows the launching ceremony of the 3rd Beijing (International) College Student E-sports Festival of E-sports Beijing 2022. Photo courtesy of the Organizing Committee of the 3rd Beijing (International) College Student E-sports Festival

  China News Service, Beijing, October 27th (Xu Jing, Chen Hang) On the evening of the 26th, the opening ceremony of the 3rd Beijing (International) College Student E-Sports Festival (referred to as “E-Sports Festival”) in E-sports Beijing 2022 and the theme symphony of the king’s e-sports The concert is held in Beijing. The reporter learned at the opening ceremony that from October 26 to December 20, the competition unit of the e-sports festival will hold e-sports competitions, anchor competitions and creative competitions, as well as e-sports salons and other activities to provide competition and exchanges for college students across the country. platform to promote the e-sports industry into the public eye.

  The Beijing (International) College Student E-Sports Festival was created at the same time as the “E-Sports Beijing” event brand. It is a campus brand cultural activity with e-sports as the carrier, colleges and universities as the platform, creativity as the core, and communication as the main line. Since it was held for three sessions, it has always adhered to “college student organization, college student competition, and college student evaluation” to fully stimulate and satisfy students’ enthusiasm for participating in e-sports, which is deeply loved and concerned by young people.

  This e-sports festival has a novel format and frequent highlights. In addition to upgrading the scale of the event, the finals will also be held in the form of an e-sports festival. In the traditional form of e-sports competitions, the red carpet, halftime show, awards and other links are added to make the finals more interactive and enjoyable, making e-sports a platform for the communication of trendy culture.

  At the opening ceremony, Ma Li, deputy director of the Industrial Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said that the e-sports industry is an important area for youth innovation and entrepreneurship, cultural experience, cultural dissemination and cultural consumption. The Beijing (International) College Student E-Sports Festival has built a platform for college youth e-sports exchanges and cooperation, and created an e-sports industry development atmosphere that is conducive to cultural innovation, industrial development, and cross-border integration. Starting from the overall construction of the national cultural center in the capital, Beijing has continuously promoted the high-quality development of the e-sports industry in terms of industrial planning, park construction, and project support. This event is a vivid practice of integrating production and education and cultivating high-level compound e-sports talents.

The picture shows the symphony concert with the theme of King E-sports. Photo courtesy of the Organizing Committee of the 3rd Beijing (International) College Student E-sports Festival

  Duan Peng, vice president of Communication University of China, introduced that at the closing ceremony of the E-sports Festival in December, the “2023 Blue Book of E-sports – Social Value of E-sports” and the bilingual version of the e-sports textbook “Introduction to the E-sports Industry” will be released. Among them, the Blue Book systematically sorts out how e-sports spreads positive social values, based on the development status of China’s e-sports industry, and systematically analyzes the possibility, strategy and effect of e-sports as a cultural carrier to go overseas; e-sports textbooks will be based on the current situation of e-sports education. Based on the current situation, starting from theory and combining with practical application, we have written a series of textbooks that are in line with the current e-sports talent training system.

  Liu Shaojian, director of the Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Management Center, introduced that the center created the “E-sports Beijing” event brand in 2020 and has successfully held three sessions so far. It is hoped that college students will establish a positive awareness of the e-sports culture through the “E-sports Beijing” and the platform of the College Student E-sports Festival, actively participate in related activities in their spare time, and fully demonstrate their youth image in e-sports events and activities.

  This year’s E-Sports Festival also teamed up with the “Honor of Kings” brand to “break the circle” and played a majestic “passion and glory” theme symphony at the National Culture Palace Grand Theater. Zhao Jiachen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Performing Arts Group, introduced that “Passion and Glory” played the original soundtrack of the e-sports game “Honor of Kings” with a symphony. The cross-border integration of games and music, classical and popular, youth and dreams.

  From October 26th to December 20th, the competition unit of the e-sports festival will hold an e-sports competition, an anchor competition and a creative competition. The e-sports competition invites college students from all over the country to form teams to participate; the anchor competition builds a display stage for college students who love hosting and e-sports anchor fields; the creative competition is themed “Story of me and e-sports”, including essays, animation, video, photography, There are 5 collection sections including dubbing, and the registration details can be obtained through the official WeChat account of the College Student E-Sports Festival “BICSEF”. At that time, a series of activities such as e-sports salons, technology companies entering colleges and universities, and college students entering technology companies will also be held.

  This event was initiated by the Huya E-sports Research Center of Communication University of China, and jointly sponsored by Communication University of China, Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Management Center, Beijing Performing Arts Group, Tencent Interactive Entertainment Tianmei E-sports Center and other units. As an e-sports cultural exchange platform for college students, the E-sports Festival will strive to build a benchmark for Beijing cultural events, consolidate the brand influence of the “E-sports Beijing” event, and continue to contribute to the high-quality development of the capital’s cultural industry. (Finish)