Dynamic Xi’an丨Challenge yourself without fear of failure Rock climbing can strengthen your body and have social charm

“The more setbacks the more courageous” is the most intuitive feeling of many rock climbing enthusiasts about this sport.

From enthusiast to climbing gym operator, he wants more people to know about the sport

“Come on! Try again.” On the afternoon of September 27, in a climbing gym called “Climbing Dream Factory” in Jianxi Street, Xi’an, Mr. Sun, 59, was practicing repeatedly on the climbing wall. The young hobby behind him The audience is constantly encouraging, and the atmosphere is full… This summer, rock climbing, as a new sport, has attracted many citizens to join it, just like Frisbee, skateboarding and other sports.

Huang Banglong is the owner of this rock climbing gym. At the age of 39, he has been involved in rock climbing for 12 years. Huang Banglong likes sports since he was a child, and has been serving as the representative of physical education in the school. Mountain climbing and running are his favorite sports when he was studying. After work, he began to get involved in hiking. Facing the pressure and troubles at work, Huang Banglong often turned off his mobile phone and set off. Often after the climbing, many of the troubles in his heart were easily resolved. “The mountains around Xi’an are all finished. , and then began to climb the snow-capped mountains. The most impressive thing was climbing Siguniang Mountain, and it was also in the process that I came into contact with ice climbing.” Huang Banglong said that ice climbing has certain limitations. Around 2010, I heard a friend introduce “rock climbing”. Sports are also very interesting, and I started to get in touch with this sport.

Huang Banglong introduced that in 2010, he had the impression that there was only one small climbing gym in Xi’an. At that time, there were only 10 or 20 rock climbing enthusiasts in the whole city of Xi’an. Without the guidance of professional coaches, they often read materials and themselves through the Internet. To learn by groping, “There is no time to think about other things in the process of rock climbing. Only by concentrating on the climbing route can you learn from failures and succeed in the end. This process is a kind of stress release, which will be extremely It greatly improves people’s self-confidence.”

Around 2018, as the number of rock climbing enthusiasts around him gradually increased, Huang Banglong also ran a rock climbing gym of his own. At first, there were only more than 100 rock climbing enthusiasts in the rock gym. With the promotion of national fitness in recent years, outdoor sports have become increasingly popular. With the rise of , more and more people are involved in rock climbing. According to Huang Banglong, there are about five or six rock climbing gyms in Xi’an, and the number of fans in their rock climbing gyms alone has reached more than 1,000. In the past two years, especially this summer, there has been a sharp increase in rock climbing enthusiasts. He also hopes that there will be more people. Be able to understand and participate in the sport of rock climbing and enjoy the joy brought by sports.

“Climbing enthusiasts are not limited to young people, from children to the elderly. There is even a seventy-year-old rock climber in Xi’an. He is physically strong and has quite good climbing skills.” Huang Banglong said, “Enhance physical fitness. “Social attributes”, “release pressure”, “overcome fear and improve confidence” are all the charms of rock climbing.

Rock climbing is a process of constant self-challenge

On the afternoon of September 27, a reporter from the China Business Daily experienced rock climbing for the first time under the guidance of a climbing gym coach. After putting on rock climbing shoes and seat belts, the reporter climbed up along the rock points of the rock climbing wall. 12 meters high, the rock points of different colors are the climbing routes customized by professional liners. After climbing to the highest point, you only need to summon the courage to let go of your hands, and the climber will slowly fall under the protection of the automatic protector. ground. After the reporter experienced many times on the spot, the soreness of the palm and forearm was very obvious.

Huang Banglong introduced that rock climbing requires high flexibility of the body. During the climbing process, the muscles of the whole body must be involved, so not only strength, but also physical skills are very important. For beginners, women are actually better than men to get started. “The rock points of different colors on the climbing wall represent routes of different difficulty, ranging from easy to difficult. Climbers need to challenge one level at a time. During this process, enthusiasts can communicate with each other, such as climbing to a certain level. What movements should be used when making moves, everyone helps each other and guides each other, and gradually become friends, and when you complete the challenge, you will have a great sense of accomplishment.” Huang Banglong said.

“Rock climbing is a process of constantly challenging myself, which is why I love this sport.” When she came into contact with rock climbing in 2019, 32-year-old Yuanyuan insisted on rock climbing at least three times a week. In addition to climbing in the climbing gym, she also tried Do rock climbing in the wild.

In the climbing gym, 59-year-old Sun Jianjun is affectionately called Brother Sun by everyone. He came into contact with rock climbing in 2009, and Sun Jianjun insisted on rock climbing twice a week. After training slowly, I now feel that age is not a problem. Through repeated training and attempts, I have successfully completed the challenges of every difficult climbing route.” Sun Jianjun said that compared with his friends of the same age, his body is stronger and more stable. Being flexible, he also tried to lead his granddaughter to participate in this sport, hoping that the children can also have a healthy body in the process of learning.

China Business Daily reporter Yu Zhen Shexin/Wen Qiangjun/Photo