“Dutch Beast” Raleigh Winkla, with serious muscle shrinkage, will retire?

Whenever people think of “Dutch Beast” Raleigh Winkla, they will be shocked by his incredible arms and shoulders. It is unbelievable to think about his 168 cm height and 60 cm arm circumference. However, in a recent post, Raleigh Winkla looked noticeably shrunk, and when he stood next to another “muscle beast” Andrew Jack, his muscles shrunk and he looked thinner than ever since his last appearance. A lot, which sparked speculation about whether he would retire.

1. “Dutch Beast” Raleigh Winkla

Roelly Winklaar, born on June 22, 1977 in Curacao (a former Dutch colony), is 168 cm tall and weighs 135 kg. He was an amateur bodybuilder in his early days. It was not until he was involved in a car accident in 2004 that he decided to engage in professional bodybuilding. He obtained the IFBB professional card in 2004, and since 2010, he has officially become a frequent visitor to the Olympia bodybuilding competition.

Raleigh Winkla, similar to 7-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, also has incredible shoulders and arms that even most of his professional peers can’t match. Raleigh Winkla is often compared to bodybuilding legend “Shoulder King” Kevin LeFron because his triceps and shoulders are known to be the best ever.

The best result in Raleigh Winkla’s professional bodybuilding career was a third-place Olympia bodybuilding competition in 2018, the late Sean Roden was that year’s Mr. Olympia champion, Phil Heath Ranked second. While Raleigh Winkla didn’t take home the Sandow Trophy, he became the first-ever “People’s Champion” and he also finished first at the 2019 Arnold Classic.

However, all this is like a flash in the pan, starting in 2019, Raleigh Winkla’s performance in the Olympia bodybuilding competition has been worse year by year, and he won the 5th place in the 2019 Olympia bodybuilding competition. Due to the epidemic, he did not participate in the Olympia Bodybuilding Competition and the Arnold Classic in 2020. In 2021, he fell out of the top 10 in the Olympia Bodybuilding Competition for the first time, and finally ranked 11th. The last time he participated in the bodybuilding competition was in Romania in 2021. He ended a busy racing season with a ninth place in the pros.

2. The muscle has shrunk seriously, leading to speculation that he will retire

Although Raleigh Winkla has never officially announced his retirement, his current physical state and his peak state are really one in the sky and one in the ground, which makes many people doubt whether he will decide to retire. In a recent post, Winkla was training with Sergio Oliva Jr. and Andrew Jack, and when Raleigh Winkla stood next to Andrew Jack, he literally shrank.

Andrew Jack is the most popular new bodybuilding star in 2020. He has won 3 consecutive bodybuilding competitions this year and is one of the most promising hopes to beat the big Remy. He said: “Crazy week! I came to Dubai , there are many athletes and stars here, but nothing is more crazy than seeing my brother legend Raleigh Winkla!”

In another post, Sergio Oliva JR does a chest workout under the direction of Raleigh Winkle, who looks like Sergio Oliva Jr. Like a giant, Raleigh Winkla seems to have lost too much muscle in the off-season to get back to the top. Suddenly found that Sergio Oliva Jr and Raleigh Winkla look alike, no wonder Jr Sergio Oliva said: “Be my beast and learn from the beast!”

In February of this year, Raleigh Winkla had already lost a lot of weight. After 7-8 months, he has not recovered, but has lost some weight. Is it really because the epidemic has such a big impact on people? Or is it because of his health that he doesn’t want to play anymore?

While it remains to be seen whether Raleigh Winkla will still compete in bodybuilding, it’s clear he’s not leaving the sport entirely. In his spare time, the 45-year-old fitness trainer coaches William Bonac through brutal shoulder training for the upcoming Dec. 15-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Preparing for the 2022 Olympia Bodybuilding Competition.

Raleigh Winkla hasn’t made it clear where he’s going going forward, but after seeing some of Raleigh Winkla’s recent updates, he seems to prefer being a bodybuilder coaching elite-level bodybuilding talent rather than letting him go. I will go through the harsh test of another bodybuilding season. After all, the hero is too late, and no one can avoid it. Do you think he will retire?