Duoyan Zheng, founder of Duoyanshou, confronts the “big problems” faced by the weight management industry

Overweight and obesity have become a global “epidemic”. As of 2020, statistics show that in my country’s urban and rural residents of all age groups, more than half of adult residents are overweight or obese. The formation of “epidemics” is multifaceted, for example, long-term irregular work and rest, high stress, disordered diet structure, or prolonged inactivity. So, how to carry out effective weight management has become a “big problem”.

The Duoyan Slimming brand founded by “Asian Slimming Queen” Zheng Duoyan (정다연) provides a new idea to solve the “old and difficult” problem. Duoyanshou is based on the scientific fitness concept of “3 points of action, 7 points of eating” proposed by Zheng Duoyan, and cooperates with the Chinese Nutrition Association, the Capital Nutritionist Association and other forces, and provides the core with Mr. Park Shixun, a two-time Korean President Award winner Based on the formula, it integrates the scientific research achievements of other countries in the world in light health and health, and develops a series of body management products covering healthy shaping, nutritional meal replacement, and light body beauty.

Based on the scientific concept of “3 points to move, 7 points to eat”, Duoyanshou established the Dyesoo-5S90 weight management system. The system is based on metabolic function and the root cause of obesity. It uses five steps of physical conditioning, improving metabolism, breaking down fat, metabolizing fat, and consolidating and shaping. It uses early detailed assessment, precise analysis, intervention guidance, and one-to-one tracking services to help weight. Managers achieve management goals, and compared to similar systems, this system is more suitable for Chinese physiques.

The fitness videos produced by Zheng Duoyan are even more popular among netizens. In fact, many netizens recognize Zheng Duoyan through fitness videos and follow Zheng Duoyan for weight management. Ms. Zheng Duoyan will also share videos suitable for netizens according to the “difficulties” and “pain points” of netizens, and she will also share her fitness experience with netizens without reservation. She has helped many beings through videos. Weight-troubled netizens carry out weight management.

In 2020, Duoyanshou launched the “dys quality 360 management system”, which is even more eye-catching. “dys Quality 360 Management System” includes 3 sections (raw materials, production, testing), 6 items (raw material management and traceability, factory management, product production supervision, product storage and transportation, product inspection, product management standardization) In terms of content, every step from raw materials, product listing to shelves, the product quality and safety are strictly controlled, and all Duoyanshou products are guaranteed to be sourced from multiple dimensions. Through a stricter quality management system, the product quality has been greatly improved and has been unanimously recognized by the majority of users.

In 2022, at the FFC2022 China Functional Food Conference, Duoyanshou published an academic paper – “Research and Development of Functional Edible Enzymes”. This academic paper has been highly praised by the industry, and has also aroused intense discussions in the industry. The development of functional foods marks that “providing consumers with high-quality nutritional products” has become the goal pursued by many weight management brands.

In September this year, Duo Yanshou was selected as a “Quality Golden Shield Case” by China Quality News Network on the National Quality Month. Duoyanshou has also successively won industry honors such as “Quality Trustworthy Enterprise” and “Integrity Management Demonstration Enterprise”. Since 2022, Duoyanshou has also won many awards and honors such as the 2022 Healthy China Great Health Industry Premium Product Award, the Nutrition Planet Awards Annual Innovative Product Award and many other awards.

With the brand slogan of “Beauty in Shape and Essence”, Duoyan Slim brand adheres to the brand concept of “3 points to move, 7 points to eat”, and is committed to creating a high-quality brand in the field of healthy body shape management. In the future, Duoyanshou will continue to do a good job in product development and production, and continue to inject quality power into keywords such as quality, safety, and health, and provide health assistance for more weight managers.