“Dungeon and Warriors” national service may usher in large-scale harmony, system rendering cannot be modified

Recently, some players unpacked the advance server of the end game “Dungeon and Warriors”, and found that a lot of game content has been harmonious, including character portraits, monster portraits, skill icons, map scenes, copywriting, etc., and harmonious. The strength is quite strong, and the technique is also simple and rude. The tattoos on many characters have been erased, the bloodstains are harmoniously black, while the exposed parts of the female characters are directly painted with color blocks, and the crosses are also harmoniously formed into a frame.

In addition, some players said that part of the harmonious content this time is system rendering and cannot be modified by patching. At present, these harmonious contents only exist in the advance server, and the official server has not yet been implemented.

As for the root cause of harmony, some players say that it is because of the mobile game “Dungeon and Warriors”, and the mobile game “Dungeon and Warriors” shares a game version number with the end game, in order to allow the mobile game to go online smoothly (the strength of the harmony of the mobile game) bigger), so the official reconciliation of the game on a massive scale.

Part of the harmony content at a glance: