Du Feng: The strength of Liaoning players is obvious to all, I hope they will return to the team as soon as possible

  Beijing time on October 30th news, the Chinese men’s basketball team announced today the 17-man training list, and none of them is a CBA defending champion Liaoning team player, which has attracted widespread attention from the outside world. The head coach of the Chinese men’s basketball team, Du Feng, was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency. explained this.

  Talking about no Liaoning team players being selected for the training camp list, Du Feng introduced that some players asked the coaching staff for leave due to injuries, and some players were physically and mentally exhausted because of long-term continuous battles and hoped to make adjustments this time. The coaching staff is determining these situations The list has been reported to the Chinese Basketball Association before.

  At the same time, Du Feng also said that the strength of the Liaoning team players is obvious to all, and I hope they can recover as soon as possible and return to the team as soon as possible.

  In this window period, the Chinese men’s basketball team has only 6 days to assemble and prepare for the game. Therefore, Du Feng’s main consideration in personnel selection is to stay with the team for a long time, to have a relatively good understanding of the national team’s tactical system and the two opponents of Iran and Bahrain. Familiar players.

  The 2023 Men’s Basketball World Cup Asian Region Fifth Window Period matches the schedule of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Team as follows (all in Beijing time):

  November 11th 21:30 Iran vs China

  November 15th 00:00 Bahrain vs China

  (Do not forget the original intention)

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