Dressing in autumn should have a sense of vitality. Wearing a casual top in this way can be fashionable and age-reducing and attractive.

Autumn is here, and we have to start to organize our wardrobes again. The short-sleeved shorts and skirts that we wear in summer at home are put away, and the cool clothes are put away and replaced with long-sleeved trousers and thicker clothes. After all, after the temperature drops, we should pay more attention to keeping warm to prevent catching a cold. Of course, we can’t ignore the overall beauty. Is this the best way to dress? In the autumn clothing collocation, we can also choose some suitable tops according to our own preferences and needs. For example, if we want to reduce our age and look younger in autumn, we can choose dynamic casual tops to wear, simple The matching can make you look fashionable and attractive, and fill the autumn atmosphere.

Moreover, casual clothes are indeed easier to wear. Most of them are looser versions that leave a sense of space on the upper body and are very comfortable. They are very suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. They are very tolerant and have a good slimming effect. Add some interesting print patterns or individual style designs, it will be even more interesting. A simple match can present a handsome, free and stylish look, so that your dress will not be boring, but full of vitality.

The first: sweater

Although the first energetic top we shared is a sweater, and some sweaters give people a more casual and casual atmosphere, but through different matching methods, you can also change the style and wear the look you want. . As shown in the picture above, choosing a black and white plaid sweater is full of retro style, and the hooded design has a little more detail. It can be said that it is a king fried item in autumn.

If you like a simpler sweater, then choose a solid color or a sweater with a little letter print, it will be more versatile and easy to wear, and we usually wear a sweater with a pair of jeans, this time it doesn’t have to be In this way, you can directly choose some leggings and shorts, and it is also very interesting to play with the missing bottoms. Embellish a mini colorful bag to light up the overall tone at once, making your outfit more interesting.

Casual style sweaters are not necessarily neutral and elegant and feminine. It is also a good choice. As shown in the above picture, you can choose an interesting cartoon pattern, a white sweater with a light blue denim skirt. Invisibly, there is a little more gentle charm. The canvas shoes of different colors on the feet are very foreign and age-reducing.

The easiest way to wear a sweater is to wear a solid color. As shown in the picture above, you can choose some bright and lively colors. The round neck sweater is matched with a basic color and casual pants. This will not be too exaggerated and exaggerated. Wearing a young and good state, wearing a pair of sneakers or casual shoes on your feet is relaxed and comfortable.

If many friends don’t know how to match their autumn look, they will choose a sweater directly, and you will not be disappointed. Casual outfits can be completed quickly without you needing much effort, so they are deeply loved by ordinary people. Popular with women. If it is a small girl, you can embellish a personalized bag, which will play the role of finishing touch and bring beauty to a new height.

The second: knitted sweater

The second style we share is the wearing of knitted tops. After all, it is still a little cool in the autumn season, so the choice of clothing should still be warm, and soft and delicate knitted tops are a good choice. A childlike knitted top, paired with a pair of youthful and casual jeans, is particularly simple and elegant, and can make you full of girly vitality, which is perfect.

In the dull autumn season, we need some colorful outfits to make our mood happy, such as the fresh and elegant green knitted top in the picture above, which matches the skin tone very well, and has the sweetness of a girl, with gray sports Pants, full of girlishness. Moreover, a knitted cardigan can be worn as both a coat and a shawl in autumn, which is very practical.

The basic style of knitted cardigan may be tired of wearing it, so in order to avoid the same dress, we can also choose a knitted sweater with a little sense of design, which is a bit more novel. The yellow knitted sweater is paired with a denim skirt, and the combination of stitching and contrasting colors is very eye-catching and eye-catching.

There is no natural beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite our destiny. Every beautiful and excellent woman can find a suitable outfit for her and create her own charm through hard work.

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