“Dragon Babu Mobile Games” strategy, don’t read it, don’t enter

“Dragon Babu Mobile Games” is a role-playing mobile game developed by Beijing Changyou Times Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and represented by Tencent. The game was officially tested on July 5, 2017.

The game tells the story of the Song Dynasty being invaded by the Liao Kingdom in the first year of Yuanyou. Players can play the roles of Emei, Beggar Gang, Tianshan, Xiaoyao, Tianlong and other sects, together with the protagonists such as Qiao Feng, to fight the enemy and resist the invasion of Liao soldiers. The game has combat training elements such as artifacts and gems, and also introduces PVP gameplay such as gang guard battles, Zhenlong chess games, and Huashan Lunjian.

I have played many districts. This is a civilian guide. There is no need for local tyrants to read it. The purpose is to hope that everyone will avoid detours.

The so-called civilians are not without a penny. If you plan to play, you must have dual cards, and have the ability to buy a fund, not to mention that you don’t have a penny.

First: The main purpose of ingots is to raise gems, and Tianlong raises gems, so the importance of gems is self-evident. If you have ingots, you will be upgraded to gems, and other things will not be considered (three experience pills per day can be obtained from the app).

Second: civilian pet selection, double perfect

The chance of breeding 7- to 9-star pets is only 8%.

As a commoner, you can fight for the emperor, and take it with you with a black face. As for dragons, I personally don’t recommend spending a lot of money to get them. If dragons don’t wake up to level 75 qualifications, they won’t be able to catch up with the best 8-star babies, and their savvy cannot be inherited. Let’s talk about pets. Many people’s resources are wasted here. Before 45, the fox did not use it casually. At 45, it was used to get an excellent tortoise to breed. It’s useless if you don’t play skills and don’t mention your comprehension. If you are lucky enough to wash it to perfection, it’s best to get a flash star. Don’t ask for it, this is **, there are not many tricks to turn a bicycle into a motorcycle, keep your eyes on 65 pets, and save your resources.