Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Alpha is now playable

  BioWare General Manager Gary McKay shared the latest development progress of the new Dragon Age series “Dragon Age: Dreadwolf” today, saying that the Alpha version of “Dragon Age: Dreadwolf” has been completed. It is now in a playable state from start to finish.

  Gary McKay pointed out that the R&D team has been working hard on the development of various parts of “Dragon Age: The Wolf of Fear”. Now that the Alpha version is completed, it is the first time that the R&D team can experience the entire content from the first mission to the end. Game flow.

  He said that the research and development work is not over yet, but after the Alpha version is completed, the research and development team can start to pursue the final form of visual expression, repeatedly test the game function, rhythm, character relationship that evolves over time, and the player’s progress in the game. The connection with the story, etc., to see whether the presentation of characters, dialogues and visuals in the whole process can express the complete story that the R&D team wants to tell.

  Gary McKay pointed out that the Alpha milestone is very important to the development team, and the development team has more work to do, and they will share more about the game in the future. He also revealed that a team at BioWare is working hard to imagine the future of the new single-player game Mass Effect.

  ”Dragon Age: Fear the Wolf” has not yet announced the game details and platform.