Down the road difference! JDG was eliminated by T1, stopped in the semi-finals, the veteran said: I miss UZI

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The exciting S12 event is still in progress. This time, it is the duel between JDG and T1. Unfortunately, in the end, JDG was eliminated and stopped in the semi-finals. T1 won the victory three-to-one. After watching this matchup, the old LPL fans felt too deeply. After all, T1 showed a strong strength. Whether it is the player’s personal status or tactical BP, T1 is in the lead in all aspects, and JDG lost no loss. This team T1 is indeed what the commentator said, and it has the appearance of a champion again, and it is even more suitable for winning the championship than GEN. Could it be that Faker is going to return to the peak?

Looking back at this round, JDG lost too many places. If we have to separate the biggest blamer, it must be the bottom lane, JDG’s bottom lane, this time he lost too much, T1’s Luna, there is something Yes, in fact, when playing RNG, T1’s bot lane was strong. Anyway, I didn’t dare to come up with any new bot lane combination, and it was always effective. In addition, the veteran Faker was still stable and even very good. T1 won. It’s no surprise that the next victory.

As for JDG, everything is too old, although there is a little innovation, but in general, it is still behind, but I really tried my best. After all, the team has also experienced the torture of the new crown. This time LPL really lost to the new crown. Unfortunately, Let the LCK return to the first throne.

After the game, many veterans spoke up, most of which was the gap in the bot lane. It is undeniable that JDG lost too much in the bot lane this time, making the game unplayable. Strawberry even spoke up, missing UZI in the World Championship.

It is true, although LPL would lose before, but in the bottom lane, UZI let the whole world know that LPL is rich in bottom lane, but now, LPL’s bottom lane has become a short board, uncomfortable.

I still want to congratulate Faker. From the perspective of an old fan, I hope that Faker will lead the team to win the championship, return to the peak, and then make a perfect curtain call, the real first person in LOL.

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