Douxiang Technology was selected into the “2022 Shanghai Network Security Industry Innovation Research Achievement Catalog”

​In order to promote the development of the cybersecurity industry and build an innovation highland for the cybersecurity industry, recently, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, in conjunction with third-party professional institutions and expert teams, has compiled the “2022 Shanghai Cyber ​​Security “Catalogue of Achievements in Industrial Innovation” , Douxiang Technology was selected into the catalogue of achievements in innovation and research by virtue of its innovative capabilities in six key technologies and three technological breakthroughs in the field of API security .

▲Image source: Shanghai Economic and Information Commission

In recent years, with the continuous deepening of cyberspace governance at the national level, the policies and regulations of the “Data Security Law” and “Personal Information Protection Law” have been implemented one after another, and compliance has become a necessary condition for enterprises to conduct business. In addition, with the further integration of the development of the digital economy and digital industrialization, APIs have also ushered in explosive growth driven by the development of industrial digitalization. The attack surface of enterprises is frequently exposed, and security incidents caused by API vulnerabilities occur from time to time. APIs have become one of the main targets of cyber attackers. Therefore, in the context of rapid development of business expectations and increasingly high security demands, how to find the best balance between business development and security assurance to solve API security problems has become a core needs of many businesses.

Douxiang Technology, based on years of experience in network traffic security and data analysis technology , combined with the practical needs of operators, financial and other industries in data security governance, carefully polished the API security eye monitoring product based on traffic analysis–APIE , the system can help enterprises sort out API assets and at the same time discover various risks faced by API, such as API attack, improper authentication, data leakage, abnormal data access behavior, etc.; combined with industry data classification and grading standards, it can effectively perceive sensitive data On the exposure side, in addition, by correlating API assets, sensitive data, and risk data, accurate traceability and data risk assessment can be achieved, which effectively improves the ability to check and manage risks of user business data in the process of circulation.

Through six key technologies and three technological breakthroughs as the bottom layer of technology, around data collection , data identification , data analysis , and data visualization as a closed loop, focusing on API interface security management. APIE can realize full-link detection and analysis with API as the main body of data management and control, integrate the concept of rule and behavior deviation analysis, fully support the online construction capability of data instrument visualization, and deepen the overall protection system of enterprise data security.

The selection into the “2022 Shanghai Network Security Industry Innovation and Research Achievements Catalogue” injects new impetus for Douxiang Technology to continue to deepen its development in the security field. In the future, in order to help customers build a solid foundation for network security and provide more practical and systematic network security product solutions, Douxiang will always adhere to technological innovation-driven development, continue to tackle cutting-edge technologies, and strive to create more excellent products and services. , to provide solid, safe and reliable technical support for digital business in various industries.