Double Eleven 136 tons of imported Lego support Yiwu! Bonded warehouse door-to-door delivery covering 250+ cities

Source: Financial Industry Information

  Recently, a batch of imported LEGO bricks boarded the China-Europe train “Rookie” from Duisburg Truck Terminal in Germany. It filled 31 carriages with a total of 136 tons and traveled through Germany, Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan in 20 days. Afterwards, arrive at the local bonded warehouse in Yiwu, China. After consumers pay the final payment, they will be delivered to their door as soon as possible; on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, more than 4,000 brands of exclusive American outlet boutiques are ready to go, enjoying the cross-border flash delivery logistics service of Cainiao plane for the first time. Consumers can shop online for as low as 50% off luxury goods, which can be delivered directly from the store within a week as soon as possible.

  The merchant said: “This year’s big promotion toys are selling very well, especially happy, and it is the most childlike Double Eleven in history.

  I learned from Cainiao that as of October 21, 370 million imported goods shipped from more than 200 ports around the world have been stocked in Cainiao bonded warehouses, central warehouses and overseas GFC warehouses for the Double Eleven pre-sale three days later.