Double 11 high-end game book recommendation, this year’s Intel 12th generation Core i9 is crazy

There are still a few days before the double 11 purchase, I recommended a wave of thin and light notebooks to everyone last time, and the recommendation of game notebooks is naturally indispensable. This time, I mainly recommend some game books equipped with 12th-generation Core i9 processors, which are suitable for hard-core players who usually use professional software that requires extremely high CPU performance and want strong game performance.

We will recommend products with graphics cards RTX3060, RTX3070Ti and RTX3080Ti according to different price segments to meet the needs of friends who have different performance requirements for games. At the same time, in addition to recommending high-performance game books, we will also recommend thin and light game books to take care of those who have problems with portability. A certain requirement for players.

What are the advantages of the 12th generation Core? Why choose an i9 processor

Before recommending, let’s answer these two questions first. First of all, the 12th-generation Core high-performance mobile version H series is a series specially designed for gaming notebooks. Compared with the previous generation, the performance has been greatly improved, so many manufacturers have equipped it on high-performance gaming notebooks. So why do you have to choose the i9? i7, i5 don’t work? Because it has no performance bottleneck, the performance of the i9-12900H is basically on par with the i7-12700K on the desktop side. In large-scale games and professional applications that rely on CPU single-core performance, it can maximize performance release, and no matter which graphics card is used, except for In addition to power consumption, other factors will basically not affect the overall performance. So, how strong is the 12th-generation Core i9-12900H? As the flagship of the 12th generation Core mobile processors, the basic parameters of the i9-12900H are as follows:

・6 performance cores and 8 performance cores, a total of 14 cores and 20 threads;

・L3 cache up to 24MB;

・Intel Iris Xe graphics card with a core display of 96EU;

The 12th generation Core processor adopts a new heterogeneous design. The design goal of the performance core is to provide extreme high performance, and the design goal of the performance core is to deal with multi-threaded scenarios.

The performance core of the 12th-generation Core processor adopts the Gracemont micro-architecture, which focuses on strengthening the back-end execution capability. Compared with Skylake, the performance has a lot of improvement. In terms of single-threaded integer performance, the Gracemont micro-architecture has an increase of over 40% in power consumption performance. Under the same performance, it also saves about 40% of power consumption, and the energy efficiency ratio is superior. In layman’s terms, the performance core of the Gracemont micro-architecture has raised the performance limit under multi-threading of the processor, and at the same time, it achieves longer-lasting battery life with its excellent energy efficiency ratio.

The performance core of the 12th-generation Core processor adopts the Golden Cove micro-architecture, which brings a huge performance improvement. Compared with the previous-generation Cypress Cove micro-architecture, the average frequency performance improvement of the Golden Cove micro-architecture is about 19%. The highest value can even reach 60%, which is quite scary.

Under the blessing of the new heterogeneous architecture, the Intel thread scheduler adopted by the 12th generation Core processor can provide hardware-level thread scheduling suggestions for the latest Windows system, intelligently determine what kind of performance mode the current task needs, and automatically set the high Prioritized tasks provide a “green channel” of performance, literally draining the full performance of the CPU.

In addition, the 12th generation Core processor also has good support for the latest link technology, DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 5.0 high-speed bus support, so that the 12th generation Core processor products always maintain high-speed connections, while also supporting Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi – Fi 6E network technology.

So you can see that more and more gamebooks this year are equipped with 12th-generation Core i9 processors. If it weren’t for the comprehensive upgrade of performance and energy efficiency by the new heterogeneous architecture, this was something that I didn’t dare to think about before.

Shadow Knight・Engine Pro 2022, cost-effective “dessert” for i9+3060

Okay, let’s start the feature film, the first one to recommend is the Shadow Knight · Qing Pro, which is the cheapest model in this recommendation, and it can be won for only 8699 yuan on Double 11. Shadow Knight·Engine Pro is equipped with a card U combination of i9-12900H and 140W full power consumption version of RTX3060, and has been upgraded to Direct Connect 2.0, which can be switched without restarting. It also has 32GB DDR5 4800MHz memory, 512GB PCIe4.0 solid state, killer E2600 network card, and the configuration is fully balanced. On the interface, Thunderbolt 4, HDMI2.1, and RJ45 network ports are also complete.

Shadow Knight·Engine Pro also strengthens the heat dissipation, adopts 5 heat pipe dual fans, a larger area of ​​the heat soaking plate, and at the same time there is an additional air inlet above the C-side keyboard, forming a double-step heat dissipation, which is more efficient. In terms of screen, it adopts the current mainstream 2.5K / 165Hz / 3ms gaming screen on game books, supports 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, and DC dimming. In terms of appearance design, Shadow Knight·Engine Pro has a four-part backlit full-size RGB keyboard, a floating hinge design, and a low-saturation red and blue cyberpunk style line full of sci-fi on the A side, and the appearance is fully upgraded. The Shadow Knight · Engine series has always been on the cost-effective route. If you want to experience the 12th generation i9 and want the lowest possible budget, then it is a good choice.

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Lenovo Savior Y9000P 2022 Ice Soul White, a high-value bucket machine of less than 10,000

The Lenovo Savior Y series has always been a hot-selling representative in game books, and it can be won for 9599 yuan during the Double 11. The Ice Soul White color matching version is recommended first. It has a pure white body and an ice blue big Y lamp. The Ice Soul white color matching is better than all black models. In addition, the B-side 16:10 ultra-narrow bezel screen on all sides, Take into account practicality and beauty. Another feature of the Y9000P is the bucket-level top screen quality, 2.5K / 165Hz / 3ms / 500nits / HDR / 10bit, comes with X・Rite color management, supports G-Sync image tearing, DC dimming, hardware-level low blue light , Dolby Vision, there are not a few people who buy it for the screen.

In addition to the screen, the performance scheduling of the Y9000P is also more aggressive. Through the built-in DDG2.5 intelligent three-mode display to switch and unlock the beast mode of the strongest performance gear, the i9-12900H can give up to 105W of power consumption, and the RTX3060 can give up to 105W. 140W power consumption. Lenovo Savior Y9000P also has a high-quality keyboard, standard small keyboard area, independent full-height direction keys, full-key no punching, 0.2mm micro-curved keycaps, 1.5mm long keystroke, ice blue backlight, typing experience in One of the best in the competition. It is also equipped with a large 80Wh battery and 135W fast charging, compatible with 100W PD charging, which can minimize the weight of travel. Lenovo Savior Y9000P 2022 Ice Soul White is suitable for players with a budget of less than 10,000 yuan and a pursuit of appearance. Of course, there are cheaper titanium crystal gray colors available. The configuration is the same but the price is 300 yuan lower, and 9299 yuan can be won. .

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MSI Charge Tank GP76, the ultimate muscle release

Next, we recommend two i9-12900H+RTX3070Ti gaming laptops. The first is the MSI Charge Tank GP76, which is priced at 15,499 yuan on Double 11. The appearance of the MSI assault tank GP76 is relatively general, but the stockpiling is sufficient. MSI is proud of the super boost mode design, which can achieve 105W CPU performance release, 175W GPU performance release, and a maximum total load power consumption of 195W in the violent mode of the strongest performance block, and the keyboard surface temperature The pressure is very low, and there is basically no obvious heat during the game.

This performance is due to MSI’s cold cooling system. The fuselage is equipped with dual fans and six heat pipes, and the cooling configuration is not bad. Of course, the surrounding configuration of the MSI Charge Tank GP76 is also full, 32GB DDR5 4800MHz dual-channel memory, 1TB PCIe4.0 solid state, SteelSeries custom single-key RGB keyboard, full-size number keys + 1.9mm key travel, 17.3-inch 2.5 K / 240Hz / 3ms gaming screen, supports 100% DCI-P3 color gamut. However, correspondingly, the overall body measurements of the MSI assault tank GP76 have no advantage in carrying weight. Under the budget of about 15,000 yuan, users who pursue the ultimate performance release can consider it for users who do not have high requirements for appearance and portability.

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ROG Gunslinger 6 Plus, a suit thug under the trendy appearance

If you value appearance very much, do not pursue the ultimate performance. Then also equipped with RTX3070Ti graphics card, the ROG Gunslinger 6 Plus with a double 11 event price of 15,969 yuan is probably your ideal model. Its exterior design is very cool, and the details are richer and more attentive. Oversized ROG Logo on side A, floating hinge design on side B, replaceable metal nameplate on the back, personalized beveled design and translucent body on side C, personalized keystone accessories, single-key RGB keyboard, and C, With the three-sided wrap-around RGB light strip on the D side, the Gunslinger series brings the handsome appearance to the extreme. If you like RGB lighting effects and are willing to pay for the appearance, then the design of the ROG Gunslinger 6 Plus will not disappoint you.

Of course, the performance, configuration and cooling performance of the Gunslinger 6 Plus are also quite good. The performance of the CPU is up to 90W, and the performance of the GPU is up to 150W. It supports dual-display three-mode technology (independent display direct connection, nuclear display mode, and mixed output mode). The CPU part also uses liquid metal heat conduction, as well as dual fans and 6 heat pipes. , The heat dissipation design of 4 air outlets, the surface temperature control under high load is also good. In terms of screen, 2.5K / 240Hz / 3ms gaming screen is naturally indispensable, supporting 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, DC dimming and Dolby Vision. In terms of storage, it is also given 16GB DDR5 4800MHz memory + 1TB PCIe4.0 solid state, and comes standard with 2 memory slots and 2 M.2 hard disk slots.

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ROG Magic 16 2022

The last recommended computer is the most expensive in this recommendation. Even the double 11 event price is 20,999 yuan, and the configuration is also the highest. It is equipped with an i9-12900H processor + RTX3080Ti graphics card. As a representative of thin and light all-round gaming notebooks, the biggest feature of the Magic 16 is the balance between size and performance. Its weight is just under 2kg, and the thickness of the body is less than 20mm. It has a good design and portability.

The screen quality is also the strength of the Magic 16. Under ROG’s exclusive Nebula screen standard, the Magic 16 achieves a 16:10 full screen with a 94% ultra-high screen ratio, 2.5K / 165Hz / 3ms These e-sports attributes have all of them, and at the same time With 500nit brightness, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, Pantone color certification, low blue light eye protection, DC dimming and Dolby Vision that professionals care about more, it can be said that the quality of the screen itself cannot be faulted.

Thin and light gaming notebooks have a greater challenge to performance release and heat dissipation, but ROG Magic 16 is not conservative at all in performance release. Not only are the peripheral configuration specifications top-of-the-line, but it also supports 90W CPU performance release and 120W GPU performance release. , it also comes standard with the same level of liquid metal heat conduction of the Gunslinger series, dual display and three-mode technology, dual fans, six heat pipes, and four air outlets. The horrible heat dissipation stacking, just pressed the i9-12900H and RTX3080Ti on the 16-inch limited body. The price is a bit louder when fully loaded. On the whole, ROG Magic 16 is the thin and light gaming notebook & all-round creative notebook with the most balanced performance in all aspects this year. If you are not sensitive in terms of budget, pursue stylish appearance and ultimate performance experience, and at the same time have mobile office needs, high requirements for portability, and hope for professional productivity, large-scale games, and portability, ROG Magic 16 2022 is worth it. try.

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There is a saying that it is better to buy expensive than to buy right. The 12th-generation Core has been greatly improved this time, but at present, there are many choices in the gaming market, different power consumption, and whether there is a direct connection of the independent display will have an impact on the performance release. Everyone must keep their eyes open when purchasing. Among the several Core i9 gaming notebooks recommended this time, except for the thin and light ROG Magic 16 2022, which has a lot of choices in terms of power consumption, the other several performance releases are very aggressive. To deal with mainstream 3A games, professional software is nothing. Pressure, there are many high-value, fashionable models, taking advantage of the low price of Double Eleven, you can buy with confidence if you need it.