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Do you feel like you will lose 100 million if you don’t buy something on Double 11? In addition to daily necessities, snacks, cosmetics, clothes and bags, and eating, drinking and entertainment, you can save a fortune. If you want to have myopia surgery, it is definitely cost-effective to get rid of glasses. Jinan Purui Ophthalmology Double Eleven has also formulated various preferential subsidy policies, allowing patients to enjoy direct surgery, examination and drug subsidies, transportation subsidies, etc., absolutely not to be missed!

Director Wang Xiaoxue of Jinan Purui Ophthalmology and Refractive Department reminded that although more and more people use myopia surgery to change their horizons, not everyone can do myopia surgery. surgery, and choosing the appropriate surgical approach. Therefore, friends who want to take off the mirror in the near future still have to do their homework in advance and plan the time of taking off the mirror reasonably.


1. The following preparations should be made for the preoperative examination of myopia surgery:

Generally, it is required to stop wearing soft contact lenses for 1 week, hard contact lenses (RGP) need to stop wearing for one month, and plastic lenses should be stopped for more than 3 months before the preoperative examination can be carried out. What needs to be prepared before myopia surgery must be to ensure adequate sleep, so that the eyes are not tired!


2. Surgical examination and surgical guidelines for myopia

There are four main stages of myopia surgery.

The first stage: preoperative examination. A complete and strict preoperative examination for myopia surgery is the only way to judge whether a patient with myopia can undergo myopia surgery, and what kind of myopia surgery is suitable for it. Preoperative examination includes more than 20 examination items such as visual acuity, intraocular pressure, cornea, eye axis, and fundus.

The second stage: preoperative preparation. After the preoperative examination and finalization of the myopia surgery method, the patient should make adequate preoperative preparations, need to drop eye drops on time during the period, and stop wearing contact lenses before surgery.

The third stage: myopia surgery. The operation takes about eight minutes, and the eyes need to rest for a short period of time after the operation, so prepare a day of spare time for myopia surgery.

Stage 4: Post-operative recovery. The postoperative recovery period is about 1-3 months, but under normal circumstances, the eyes can be used normally the next day after myopia surgery. Except for some precautions during the recovery period, it will basically not affect normal work and life.


As the 13th large-scale ophthalmic hospital under Purui Ophthalmology, Jinan Purui Ophthalmology Refractive Department “customizes” personalized surgical plans according to the needs of patients, and recommends suitable for each person’s differentiated eye conditions and needs. way to tailor-made solutions.


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