DOTA2-TI11: Tundera beats Secret 2-1 to put it in the lower bracket

#2022 Esports Season#

On October 29th, Beijing time, Secret played against Tundera in the TI11 winner group final. In the end, Tundera defeated Secret 2-1, placing it in the lower bracket.

First round

Secret: Thrall, Seaman, Fire Cat, Great Sage, Mammoth

Tundera: White Tiger, Little Naga, Black Bird, Spider, Tiny

Both sides showed their unique skills one after another, which shows the importance they attach to the game. In 4 minutes, Secret Mammoth killed the White Tiger to get a blood, and Tundera defeated Thrall in the bottom lane. In 6 minutes, Tundera assembled in the middle to complete a double kill, and the spider in the bottom lane started the Secret but was counter-killed. On the road, the fat mammoth quickly made a jumping knife to drive the rhythm. The Tundera Guan and Arrow combination failed to achieve the desired effect and had to passively develop. In 20 minutes, Secret used his shield to look for opportunities. Tundera’s blackbird was the first in the middle, and then the big move was perfectly connected. He played a wave of 0 for 3. In 24 minutes, Secret did not complete the key kill in the black and yellow time. Tundera relied on the white tiger to buy and stay alive. Hold on to the fire cat, fight back to the middle and advance to the middle. Secret first kills the black bird and then the two sides tacitly withdraw their troops.

In 33 minutes, the two sides pulled each other to the limit, and Secret was killed first. Tundera immediately shielded. Tundera tried to use the Immortal Shield to create an advantage, and Secret was united to keep the high ground. In 41 minutes, Tundera used the little Naga to completely control the rhythm. In 44 minutes, Tundera made a comeback with a shield. The little Naga with a shield tried to attract firepower. In 56 minutes, Tundera was ready to attack again. Although Secret performed well and played Tundera’s main force to the limit, the economic gap was too great, and Secret was defeated head-on. The Great Sage cooperated with Thrall to tenaciously defend the siege of Tundera’s 4 people and forcibly continued his life. In 58 minutes, the Great Sage Secret made a holy sword and smashed Tundera. In 66 minutes, all Tundera were bought out. The blackbird interrupted the rhythm of Secret’s mammoth teamfight, and the two waves of teamfights melted Secret. Secret died in the fight, losing the first set.

second round

Secret: Silent, Xiaoqiang, Xiaohei, Rolling, Sledgehammer

Tundera: Ice Maiden, Terrorblade, Beast, Necro Dragon, Clockwork

Re-fighting in situ, the two sides developed steadily. After 5 minutes, the Tundera beast started to bring the rhythm, and Secret was not to be outdone, and hit the road to kill the Terrorist Blade. In the mid-term, the two teams started to brush each other. The 19-minute team battle in the middle. The well-trained Secret showed a tacit cooperation in the team battle. In 18 minutes, the Tundera beast showed BKB, Secret had no way to limit it, and the double soy sauce died in battle. 21 minutes of wonderful teamfights, Tundera’s terrifying blade was terrifyingly calm, and the big move sucked and played massive output. In 23 minutes, Secret’s sledgehammer came and killed Tundera’s double soy sauce. In 25 minutes, Tundera was alert to see through Secret’s wandering, double-killing Gun Gun and Xiao Qiang, and Tundera took advantage of the situation to close the shield.

In 27 minutes, Tundera attacked with a shield, and Secret’s sledgehammer played brilliantly, almost single-handedly repelling the enemy. In 34 minutes, Secret first killed the spirit dragon and then started a group. The excellent output between the small black forests won four kills, and forced out the buyout of the dead spirit dragon. In 37 minutes, Secret’s sledgehammer shone again, and after getting up with a shield, Xiao Hei got up and output frantically, and Tundera’s front was already crushed. In 40 minutes, Tundera fought hard to kill Xiao Hei, but the Secret sledgehammer was still unmatched. One sledgehammer knocked out the entire midsummer, and after knocking out Tundera, it levelled both ways. In 43 minutes, Tundera tried his best, but still couldn’t stop Secret, Xiao Hei went berserk and won the game, leveling the score.

Game 3

Secret: Ice Girl, Earth Cat, Airplane, Zeus, Sledgehammer

Tundera: White Tiger, Chaos, Seamen, Mystery, Tiny

In the tiebreaker, both sides made big moves. Secret started with a bloody start, and Tundera quickly recovered. In 5 minutes, Tundera played Zeus in the middle, and Secret Double Soy Sauce came to avenge Zeus. Secret handled the laning phase very well, with the three big brothers taking the top spot. In 11 minutes, Tundera entered the wild area and won the soil cat, and Secret retreated steadily to avoid the battle. In 14 minutes, Tundera’s epic-level perfect teamfight cooperation, the white tiger flew and blocked the roll, the limit of the mystery was expanded, and the whole team rescued each other. Being forced to stop the loss but losing the teamfight, Secret’s vitality was severely damaged. Tundera successfully shielded in 22 minutes. In 24 minutes, Tundera grabbed the Secret plane with a shield.

In 25 minutes, Tundera broke the high ground in the middle with a huge economic advantage 0 for 4. Secret stubbornly held on to this wave with three buys. In 28 minutes, Tundera Chaos made a comeback and smashed the road like a smash. At 35 minutes, Secret’s plane tried to come back with the holy sword, but Tundera didn’t give them a chance, and the spring water toast shattered Secret’s hope of winning. Sadly, Secret was placed in the lower bracket.