Dota2-TI11 knockout DAY5 battle report: Aster knocked out, the wild card finals are coming?

Hello everyone, this is Dragonfly Captain Zwj. At around 20:25 on the evening of October 23, 2022, when the match between Secret and Tundra is over, the DAY5 schedule of the knockout round will end. Let the captain briefly introduce what happened today.

Aster lost three games to Liquid

Today’s first game is the most crucial Aster vs. Liquid. In this BO3, Aster successfully proved the musketeer’s strategic value in the current version or for Aster (2 picks, 1 ban), but unfortunately In the tiebreaker, Aster finally fell to the team that had been beaten into the lower bracket by himself. It can only be said that his skills were inferior to others.

It is worth mentioning that after Liquid completed its revenge, there were only 3 teams from the Western European Division left on the field, and 2 of these 3 teams passed the breakout/wild card round. It can only be said that this year The gold content of the Western European Division and the Wild Card Tournament is really a bit high; at the same time, the captain can’t help but wonder, if XG and VG can grab a spot, will they also get a script that continues to evolve and reach the final stage? !

See also the tipping system, Tundra beats Secret

After Aster regretted being out of the game, the main stage staged the interview of the loser, the Cos contest and other programs. After some adjustments, Secret and Tundra, who were the most popular in this competition, officially appeared. In this BO3, Secret showed everyone their Xiaoqiang. , The gold content of TS (the former is that the opponent has to be banned, the latter is banned for three consecutive games), and Tundra is to prove to the world the power of the “Dumping Spoon” system, relying on the same as the Wings back then. With unrestrained pulling and manipulation, Tundra finally defeated the strong enemy Secret without any risk.

It should be noted that, in addition to Nisha’s Lasik and Zayac’s Xiaoqiang, 33’s Doomsday Messenger also received due respect; and Zayac’s famous scene also appeared in this game, watching Zayac in the upcoming victory. The movements and expressions at the time really made people feel nostalgic for that man…

Wild Card/Breakout Finals and TI11 Finals

As we all know, the breakout/wild card tournament has 2 qualifying places (namely, winner/loser group champions), so there is no finals set. Liquid and Secret who broke out have never had the chance to play head-to-head since then, and in Secret After falling into the lower bracket, the so-called TI11 Wild Card Finals is about to start.

Lower Bracket Final: Liquid vs. Secret, BO3, 12:00 PM on October 30, 2022

All-Star Game: Black Dragons vs. Thunder Skin Beasts, the match time is October 30, 2022 at 15:00 pm

Grand Final: Tundra vs. the winning team, BO5, on October 30, 2022 at 16:30 pm

So what do you guys think about this? How do you think tomorrow’s game will go? Which team do you think will lift the TI11 champion Aegis in the end? Welcome to leave a message and discuss in the comment area, remember to long press and like to support a wave.