Dota2-TI11 Knockout: Although defeated, Aster stopped fourth! Western Europe takes the top three

Hello everyone, this is Dragonfly Captain Zwj. At noon on October 29, 2022, Aster ushered in a life-and-death battle with Liquid. The winning team will advance to the loser’s group final, and the losing team will stop there (the runner-up). Can the only seedling Aster be black to the end? Let the captain take you to a brief understanding of it.

G1: Injured morale, Aster lost a good game

Aster: Dwarven Sniper, Leshek, Underlord, Soulbreaker, Crystal Maiden

Liquid: Gorefiend, Lena, Broodmother, Marcy, Lich

Aster, who was too aggressive at the beginning of the laning phase, suffered a small loss but was harmless, while BoBoKa’s White Bull stood up when his side was in a bad situation. Then rushed to the bottom road to kill the spider and cooperated with the bottom road duo to unplug the enemy’s inferior road three towers in less than 7 minutes, and then when Lashike and Ice Maiden drove away the enemy’s blood demon, the musket TP Aster established an advantage after topping the road and collaborating with Underlord to take down the three towers of the enemy’s dominant road.

In 12 minutes, the fire girl fought against the white bull’s rush and controlled the double F. Everyone from both sides started a group at the top of the road. Although Aster was the first to arrive, there were more people, but it was not the opponent of the double F fire girl at all. Aster He was beaten in a small group; around 15 minutes and 40 seconds, Liquid, who had already sounded the horn of the counterattack, killed the musket in the triangle area. When the rest of Aster rushed to the battlefield, they were stepped on by Marcy and three of the fire girls. The Light Strike Array played a no-solution control combo, and Aster was destroyed again in an instant.

In the case of successive losses and lack of a first mover (only Bai Niu has a first mover point), Aster chose to defend and counterattack. During this time, Aster seized the opportunity to return to the previous disadvantage and helped the musket control the musket at 22 minutes and 34 seconds. The Roshan Shield does not have much advantage. Although the endless muskets in the early stage are brushed up, Lashike’s economy has fallen.

During the period of time with the shield, Aster demolished the two second towers of the enemy’s side lanes and rubbed off some of the HP of the bottom road towers. However, after the shield was removed and Leshike left the battlefield with BKB, Liquid seized a wave of opportunities. After killing the three of Aster, the situation stabilized after the battle, and the forts (formed muskets, fire girls) on both sides became the key figures that affected the defeat of the team.

At 31 minutes and 30 seconds, Aster relied on the advantage of vision to repel Liquid, who had returned to his main jungle, and then the tea team started a story around the second-generation Roshan that was refreshed in 33 minutes. Minutes and a wave of buy-and-play groups, although the muskete finally got the Roshan Shield by buy-work, but the Aster side lost some team economy because they paid too much buy-work, and the enemy’s fire girl was still an output. Exploding turret.

During the period of time with the shield, Aster held a group and pressed on the enemy’s half area and let Lashike, whose economy was not very healthy, make up for a wave of economy, but at this time, the spider also took out the A staff, which was lacking. Aster, who has the ability to start, seems to have no temper when he encounters this A-stick and has no chance to play the first. When Liquid calculates the time for shield elimination and sets fire with his own triangle to kill Monet’s musket, the game is over (the musket was not bought.) , God’s Gorefiend/Fire Girl demolished the base in one wave).

G2: Unique Butcher, Rampage Musket, Aster regained a city

Aster: Dwarf Sniper, Pudge, Marcy, Two-Headed Dragon, Omniknight

Liquid: Morph, Storm Spirit, Leshek, Tusk, Crystal Maiden

In the early stage of the laning phase, there were frequent reports of good news from Aster. There were both images of Marcy’s bot lane killing the enemy Soy Sauce and the mid lane butcher killing the enemy Blue Cat. In the early stage of Liquid, except for the well-developed water man in the dominant lane, the other two lanes The core of the game has been suppressed to a certain extent, especially the inferior Lashike. Although he was not single-killed like the blue cat and was infinitely taken care of, his supplementary knife was blown up. Most of Aster’s economic advantages lie in three. number at this point.

After gaining the advantage, Ori’s butcher has three-way rhythm, and although m1CKe’s rhythm is not as good as Ori’s, he has one more person than Ori. MATUMBAMAN, who got the big core, just brought the rhythm in the early stage, although he has been beaten There was a scene where the Aster crowd gathered fire and died, but there was also a scene where they helped Lashike charge the tower to kill the butcher who had no fat-removing musket and TP support. Liquid, led by the “twin engine” , just blocked Aster’s offensive.

In about 20 minutes, I took out the Asters with key equipment such as A Staff, Jumping Knife, BKB, etc. to attack in a group and controlled the Immortal Shield for the Musketeer after dismantling the enemy’s top three towers, but at this time, the water man of the toilet brother also took out A staff, in the frontal team battle, when facing the blood essence stone Lashike, A staff water man and the blue cat who cut the back row for the first time, Aster was also knocked back by the opponent in a 4V5 situation because of his carelessness.

Fortunately, Aster played very resolutely. After being beaten back a wave, they reorganized a wave of offensive and successfully broke Liquid’s bottom lane before Roshan’s shield disappeared. The only thing to worry about should be the economy. The leading waterman.

At 28 minutes and 30 seconds, Aster chased after the victory and launched an attack on the enemy’s second high ground before the water man was fully formed. In order to defend this high ground, Liquid chose to open the fog pack, but the blue cat was stunned when he topped BKB and cut all-around. Hammer Macy and the musket melted, and the water man was also killed on the frontal battlefield, and Aster, who broke all the way, almost sealed the victory.

Although he was extremely stubbornly resisted when he demolished the enemy’s last high ground, Aster’s economic advantage at this time was too great. In addition, the god-equipped musket also had an immortal shield, so Aster finally pulled back a round. !


Aster: Drow Ranger, Beastmaster, Beastmaster, Naga Siren, Crystal Maiden

Liquid: Night Stalker, Lena, Pangolier, Tusk, Undying

In the early stage of the laning phase, Liquid’s middle and lower lanes had a slight advantage in filling, but the rolling in the top lane was overwhelmed by the duo of Xiao Hei and Ice Girl. With a small advantage in the laning phase, Aster was in 8 minutes. When left and right, he attacked the fire girl in the middle. However, when the fire girl of m1CKe was about to be attacked, he released a perfect T to control the beast that had just rushed in place and cooperated with his teammates to complete the counter-kill. The Night Demon, who played the support rhythm, ran to the top lane after helping the middle lane and interrupted the rhythm of a wave of Xiao Hei. Liquid in the early stage just played an advantage when the 3rd position collapsed.

Under the circumstance that Liquid’s dual-core has no solution to fat and Aster’s three-core is well developed, Aster still controls a certain initiative. However, during the few minutes when the Night Demon is not big and the daytime, Aster has not caught the key person of the other party. On the contrary, Liquid stole the Roshan shield when the arrest failed, but Aster didn’t suffer because the Fire Girl died once with the shield in the follow-up Roshan group.

During this period in the mid-term, the two sides fought in the main jungle area of ​​Radiance. Although Aster could not deal with the opponent’s dual-core BKB face in the frontal team battle, he did not allow the opponent to find a chance to kill his own core. Xiao Hei, Liquid does have an advantage, but the advantage is not as big as imagined, but it should be noted that under the leadership of his teammates, the early collapse has already supplemented the economy.

In the early 25 minutes, Liquid held a group to fight the shield. Although Aster noticed it for the first time, he still let the enemy fire girl get the shield. In addition, when Aster rushed to Roshan’s lair, he threw the Beastmaster who could limit BKB to the rolling. Therefore, after Liquid had a shield, Aster was once again killed by a three-person team, and the Fire Girl with a shield and equipment that was far ahead was a little bit unstoppable.

During the period of time with the shield, Aster stuck to the high ground. Although the road was not broken, the economic difference between the two sides exceeded 10k. Liquid’s dual-core economy was better than Xiao Hei, and the Fire Girl even took a big lead over Xiao Hei.

With such a big economic disadvantage, Aster was beaten with no temper. Not only was he beaten up by the opponent, but he even played the beast + the beastmaster for a blood loss group when his own side got the first move. In the case of barely holding the high ground, Aster didn’t want to put a shield, so he rushed out in a group, and then the newly resurrected Beast and Beastmaster were killed again. Liquid struttingly left the battlefield after breaking the two high ground of Aster. The story of the god-like fire girl with a shield and the god-like night devil of the toilet brother crushing Aster all the way and winning…

After CN’s only seedling, Aster, left the arena, the remaining teams on the field were all teams from the Western European Division. Congratulations to Liquid and the Western European Division. I hope the CN Division can stand up next year!