Dota2-TI11 final stage preview: Aster ushered in a life-and-death battle, and the Western European division is expected to take the top 3

Hello everyone, this is Dragonfly Captain Zwj. As the final stage is approaching, the TI11 International Invitational is about to usher in the final battle. Next, let the captain take everyone to a brief understanding.

Aster vs Liquid

To say that the most improved CN team in this competition year is Aster. From last year’s foreign war layman to today’s hot tea, Aster has only made some small-scale personnel transfers (the cornerstone of the team remains unchanged) ; During the group stage, Aster performed steadily and qualified for the upper bracket. Although he lost in the second round of the upper bracket to Tundra, who had determined the top three results in advance, Aster finally relied on his own tenacity to kill all the way. into the finals day.

As we all know, Liquid is a wild card qualifying team. Generally speaking, wild card teams are not very good. However, in this TI, Liquid and another wild card team slapped everyone in the face and fought back. Carved into the legend of their own TI7, in tomorrow’s game Liquid will take revenge on Aster who personally put them in the lower bracket…

Game time: 12:00 noon on October 29, 2022

Secret vs Tundra

Looking at TI10 and TI11 alone, Secret should be the most eye-catching team. The two top three results have also proved to everyone the background of the great devil; and what is even more surprising is that this TI11 The devil-level team is not long ago. Before, it was a fish team that was on the verge of being relegated (the personnel have changed a lot, only Nisha and Puppey have not changed), and the qualification for TI11 was grabbed from the wild card competition. It can only be said that the wild card dota is the best dota. All right!

In fact, in the TI10 season, Tundra has already become famous, but unfortunately they did not get enough points in the DPC league or the Major and unfortunately lost to OG in the qualifier finals, until This year, this much-anticipated team finally made it to the TI International Invitational (Fata was replaced by Sakasa).

Unexpectedly, this team, which did not perform as well as OG in Major and DPC, actually determined the top three good results in advance. On the contrary, OG, who was infinitely optimistic before the game, was eliminated early because of insufficient understanding of the version. Tundra is undoubtedly a dark horse (the 2 wild card teams and Aster are also dark horses)…

Game time: 15:00 pm on October 29, 2022

So what do you guys think about this? Do you think Liquid was the first to bid farewell to this TI or Aster regretted leaving? Do you think Secret can beat Tundra? Welcome to leave a message and discuss in the comment area, remember to long press and like to support a wave.