DOTA2-TI11 final day highlights: the two heroes of the breakout match finally gather to enjoy a pure DOTA feast

#2022 Esports Season#

Tomorrow (October 30th, Beijing time), the TI11 Singapore DOTA2 International Invitational Tournament will usher in the final match day. The first to start is Liquid and Secret in the lower bracket, and their winners will compete with Tundera for the much-anticipated championship.

Secret and Liquid, who played against each other in the first match, are two traditionally strong teams. Both teams have deep roots and have played against each other many times. The meeting between old teammates Puppey and Zai as opponents is also one of the highlights of the game.

In this competition, Secret has passed all the way in the knockout round. Although he regretted losing to Tundera in the final of the upper bracket, his strong strength is undeniable. The Secret team has a tacit understanding, strong tactical execution ability, and the veteran Puppey of the team’s fixed star, so that they are not afraid of any challenges. But after the process is too smooth, will being defeated and falling into the lower bracket will be a rebirth or a fall?

The journey of Liquid, another team in the lower bracket, can be described as an inspirational journey. Since the breakout, they have been on the road to comeback against the wind. Their tenacity is admirable. The two veterans of Matumbaman and Zai dominate, allowing Liquid to have a fight in any adversity. In addition, this competition may also be Matumbaman’s last TI, and I hope the veteran can achieve good results.

Tundera, who was resting in the grand finals, will face the winner of the lower bracket final. Tundera was the biggest surprise of the tournament. Although its predecessor, the Stoneman team, was unknown, it never won a place in the World Series. In this TI, they shined brilliantly, and they could gain the upper hand in the duel with all kinds of masters. How long can their dark horse style last, and can they win the championship in one fell swoop? let us wait and see.

Tomorrow’s game, even if the Chinese team is missing, we can still enjoy the game without distractions and enjoy the purest fun of the DOTA game. Hope all teams have a good performance, come on.