DOTA2-TI11: Aster lost 1-2 to Liquid, and the Chinese army stopped in the semi-finals

#2022 Esports Season#

On October 29, Beijing time, in the semi-finals of the TI11 loser group, the Chinese Legion finally hoped that Aster would face the old-fashioned strong team Liquid. In the end, Aster lost to Liquid and stopped in the semi-finals.

First round

Aster: Ice Maiden, Lashike, White Bull, Musket, Underlord

Liquid: Marcy, Spider, Lich, Fire Maiden, Gorefiend

At the beginning of the game, the online battle between the two sides was very fierce. Aster’s too strong pressure on the bottom lane paid the price, and the musket sent two heads one after another. Liquid handled the laning phase better and gradually gained an early advantage. In 6 minutes, Aster Bai Niu took the lead in the middle, and Lasik even took the fire girl Marcy. Then he helped the Musketeer to kill the Liquid spider twice before breaking the tower. The side lanes continued to develop, and Bai Niu completely controlled the rhythm. Liquid didn’t want to sit still. In 12 minutes, he doubled and pulled around the Fire Girl and gave Aster a heavy blow. 15 minutes on the road, Aster outflanked Marcy and was squatted, and Laschike lost his life in vain. Almost at the same time, Liquid started a group in the bot lane, and the Gorefiend and Fire Girl cooperated tacitly, playing Lich 1 for 4, and Aster Underlord had no choice but to escape alone. Aster kept his cool, and his defensive counters developed steadily.

In 21 minutes, Aster teamed up to kill Liquid’s No. 1 and No. 3 positions and successfully harvested Roshan Shield. After 27 minutes, Aster consumed the bottom road and drove away. Liquid still looked for opportunities to threaten Aster, who responded calmly. In 36 minutes of tragic and critical group, the two sides handed over all the buys, and in the end, the battle of Aster’s musket licking blood and pulling blood to the limit finally harvested the audience. Aster took advantage of the situation to attack Roshan, and was killed by Liquid Marcy to steal the magic crystal. Aster takes advantage of the Musketeer’s range to consume Liquid Heights buildings without taking damage. In 43 minutes, Liquid played 0 for 3 with the musket of more and less sanctions, and then Liquid used the powerful execution power, and the Spider Fire Girl led the team to tear down the Aster base in one wave. Liquid made a wonderful comeback and went to the next game.

second round

Aster: Marcy, Musket, Two-Headed Dragon, Butcher, Almighty

Liquid: Rashik, Seaman, Ice Girl, Blue Cat, Water Man

Fight again. In 2 minutes, Aster’s bottom lane, Marcy’s double-headed dragon, strongly killed the ice girl and beat the water man, the middle lane butcher also completed the single kill against the blue cat, and the top lane musket and Rashik completed the exchange. In 6 minutes, the Aster butcher hooked the car to grab the sixth and then killed the blue cat, and then the butcher started a wandering journey. Got very good results. But in the 13th minute, Liquid hit the road to surround the spot to help, killing the Aster musket and the butcher. In 15 minutes, Aster 3 people surrounded and killed the blue cat, and in 17 minutes, the butcher used the bait to kill the Rashik sea people.

After 21 minutes of Aster’s control of the shield, Aster’s two-way flowering lifted the momentum. Liquid is not a fish belly either, the water man is the first to repell Aster’s advance. In 25 minutes, Aster’s musket and shield calmly pushed Liquid to the bottom of the road. In 27 minutes, butcher Aster played brilliantly under the high ground, smashing the Liquid formation with a strong first move, and flattened the bottom road without injury. In 29 minutes, Liquid failed to be all-powerful, and the Aster musket used the perfect output environment to hit the runaway! Liquid hit the road and broke high! Aster successfully controlled the shield in 32 minutes! Liquid took the line to keep high and support the situation. In 36 minutes, Aster did not give Liquid another chance to make a comeback, and he won the game with a steady and steady momentum to tie the score!

Game 3

Aster: Ice Girl, Beast, Little Naga, Beastmaster, Little Black

Liquid: Seaman, Fire Maiden, Corpse King, Rolling, Daredevil

Aster flew a kite in the first 3 minutes to complete the double kill, and the online cooperation with the ice girl went smoothly. In 8 minutes, the Aster beast led the liquid fire girl, but the output was insufficient and three people were killed, and soon Xiaohei was also besieged and killed. 10 minutes Aster finally succeeded in killing the fire girl. After entering the strong period of Night Demon, Aster avoids fighting and develops. In 16 minutes, Liquid hit the shield, Aster Roshan fought, Liquid Night Demon Armbands showed off blood and escaped, and Aster cooperated with the Beastmaster to kill the Fire Girl. In 18 minutes, Liquid Night Demon led the siege of Aster Sansoy Sauce.

In 20 minutes, Liquid powerfully killed two more Asters, and Aster retreated calmly. In 23 minutes, Liquid once again won the positive team strongly. In 25 minutes, Liquid Roshan Group defeated Aster again, and Aster’s little Naga grabbed the magic crystal. Liquid still tries to attack the high ground with a shield. In 32 minutes, Liquid rushed to the high ground through fog, and Aster little Naga died. Liquid started to attack the high ground frequently, and Aster held the high ground. However, the economy is too poor, and it was broken twice in 36 minutes. In 38 minutes, LIquid went to the high ground to end the game.