Dota2-LGD is out early, Faith_bian and his girlfriend are liquidated! Well-known bloggers end the group

Hello everyone, this is Dragonfly Captain Zwj. Friends who followed the DOTA circle during TI11 must know that after the Chinese team stopped in the top four, the players in the circle were not a certain player or coach, but the girlfriend of a professional player, or even a professional player. Even a well-known blogger in the circle personally ended up liquidating her…

Faith_bian and aftertaste

As one of the teams with the best results and the most attention before TI11, every player of PSG.LGD will cause a discussion in the circle no matter what they do, and since PSG.LGD.Faith_bian and his girlfriend Yu Yun officially announced After the relationship, Yu Yun, an outsider in the circle, also attracted attention from “Love House and Wu”; however, unfortunately, Yu Yun’s historical remarks on social platforms have caused discomfort to many players, and some players have even regarded them as boxers…

It is worth mentioning that when the news of the breakup of Azi and Ame spread in the circle, Yu Yun, an outsider, also took the initiative to encourage Azi and said “ghg”.

The voices of doubt keep coming

After PSG.LGD was eliminated from the game, some water friends in the knife circle began to liquidate Yu Yun (along with Faith_bian), and various news came out in the forum, such as contacting the European team for Faith_bian before he left the team, Negative news such as Faith_bian going to LGD to discuss sponsorship sharing in the name of LGD members’ family members and trespassing in LGD’s battle room during TI11 can be described as one after another.

On the evening of October 30, 2022, perhaps they noticed various voices of dissatisfaction on the Internet. In the “TI Night Talk” program, Faith_bian and Yu Yun answered various questions. At the end of the chat, Yu Yun even had tears in her eyes. and the water friends told a story about the Spanish boss.

tip: In the program, BBC and Taiwanese girls asked a lot of questions that the water friends were concerned about, and Yu Yun and Faith_bian also responded one by one, but everyone didn’t seem to agree with their rhetoric very much (you asked me the form of answering, specifically asked What answers what can see Captain’s previous article) .

Well-known bloggers named after the group

Friends who like to eat melons must have heard of the blogger “The Wrath of Illidari”, right? The blogger once broke the news that BoBoKa was caught as a jungler, and after learning about Yu Yun’s historical remarks, the blogger once complained about Yu Yun (in July), perhaps because he was afraid of affecting Faith_bian’s status , the blogger’s complaints about Yu Yun are only limited to the point.

Soon after LGD ended the TI11 journey, the blogger began to frantically complain about Yu Yun, and when he saw Yu Yun’s performance in the TI night chat, he officially submitted a “line application” to Yu Yun…

Yu Yun responded positively to doubts

Perhaps she was tired. When Yu Yun was being mocked wildly, she did not choose to go against the blogger mentioned above. Instead, she posted a long article on social platforms explaining the various doubts against her and said “I understand those people, they need an outlet; if attacking me maliciously and slandering me can make them feel better, then I don’t care. I just want to tell those who deliberately spread rumors, God has the eyes to do illegal things There is a price to be paid, we will call the police and investigate relevant legal responsibilities, and may the rumors stop to the wise . ”

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