Dota2 – face all kinds of rhythms! The afterglow burst into tears, and Faith_bian bluntly said: Too absurd!

Hello everyone, this is Dragonfly Captain Zwj. As we all know, since LGD regretted being out of the game, many water friends in the forum have begun to liquidate Faith_bian and his girlfriend Yu Yun, and many water friends have even posted a lot of “evidence”, and in today’s TI night talk show as The party’s bian sauce and lingering rhyme have been clarified in person…

Q: Was the photo of Yu Yun and Faith_bian hugging near the stage taken at an inappropriate time?

A (Aftermath): yy only arrived at the scene when bc and LGD started the second game. The photo was taken after LGD won the game. Faith_bian didn’t know that I was coming because all the mobile phones were handed over to Faith_bian, so he ran after the game. After passing by, he said “Come on” and left, and never saw Faith_bian again.

A (Added by Faith_bian): All teammates can testify.

It is worth mentioning that Yu Yun finally apologized for the incident because Yu Yun ran privately to the restricted area for the audience without a work permit.

Q: Is it true that Yu Yun has been going to LGD’s battle room and has given players a lot of opinions (pressure) in the forum?

A (Ying Yun): I can’t even recognize all the heroes, and I only have 1000 points. I think my friends think too highly of me. I think I can give advice to LGD. Except for the previous hug, I have never approached again. LGD is up.

Digression: Because the small composition said that Yu Yun complained that LGD lost the first game to Aster because of poor vision, so the Taiwanese girl asked the reason for losing the game by the way, and Faith_bian’s answer was “The first one. The point is that Tanabo made a mistake with the shield A, and the second point is that the builds of the fire cat and the beast are not suitable for the rhythm of that game.

Q: Did you replace Faith_bian with European teams to help him find a home during the Arlington Major?

A (Ying Yun): I can tell you with certainty that this is not true. If I had to find a point related to this issue, I just had a chat with the players. Once Bian was not there, I met a foreign player. After that, he took the initiative to go up to chat, and then he was very curious and asked Faith_bian what to do in the future. I said something similar in a joking tone at the time (after the rhyme is too fast, the captain’s English is too poor).

Note: It has nothing to do with the player in the picture, Yu Yun did not say the ID of the player.

Q: Bian Jiang, do you really want to retire? Will you cut prosthetic legs?

A (Faith_bian): Yes, in fact, many teams have come to me after the game, but I rejected all of them, mainly because I have played professionally for 8 years, and I have some physical discomfort, and then in life There is also a lack of feeling. When I was a teenager, I went to work and didn’t go to study. And then I won’t cut my prosthetic legs either, I hope I’m the one who walks the talk, I’m not going to be a professional or a coach.

Q: Has Yu Yun ever acted as a substitute for the share sponsored by Bian Jiang and LGD Chat?

A (Faith_bian): I talked to the club about this, because I signed a 2-year contract, the first year of the contract is 5,000 shares, the second year’s share will increase with the increase in performance, and then the TI11 season After I found the first commercial shoot, I went to talk with LGD. At that time, it was only me and y who had this clause in the contract. I think the previous results were achieved by our 5 players and 1 coach, so we finally talked. The result is that the total of 12% is divided equally by the 6 of us. It has nothing to do with the aftertaste. It’s all about me communicating with the club.

Q: After the game, 8 Wang took NTS, y, and Ame to play everywhere. Why didn’t I see the other two? Did the poor performance in the game affect the relationship between the players?

A (Faith_bian): Yu Yun and I were a little tired because of the public opinion, and then Lao Zhao might be tired too, and some of the places they go to play sometimes are not to my and Lao Zhao’s taste, so we didn’t see the two of us, we There were no problems with the relationship between the players.

Q: How do you evaluate your performance in TI11?

A (Faith_bian): There were still some mistakes on the last day, but as far as TI11 is concerned, I have no regrets or unwillingness, because I did my best during TI, and I was the first to the training room almost every day. A person who leaves the training room only two days because the previous day was too late in solo queue or walking with his teammates and all who were not the last to leave the training room or in the end.

Q: How to evaluate TI10 True Vision and the old club’s sentence “I firmly believe that Xiao Xiao is not Ame’s unique skill”

A (Faith_bian): At that time, our whole team gathered together to watch the premiere. I don’t regret it when I look back at the BP in the last round, because we reached a consensus during TI10 (you will get it if you are a kid), so the BP at that time was actually It’s not a violation of the previous discussion. Maybe losing the game was because I didn’t play well enough, and it didn’t have much to do with the selection. Then I think his judgment was wrong. Before TI10, Xiao Se’s small win rate against passers-by was particularly high. , and the small system of our varsity is also very skilled.

Q: The last thing you want to say?

A (Faith_bian): These days it makes me feel very absurd. Even though I have played for two years, I have no regrets. As a professional player, I have tried my best. I hope that all of us can find something to improve. Strength, and then also hope that China DOTA can get better.

It is worth mentioning that Yu Yun shed tears while Faith_bian answered the question. Maybe she felt wronged. From Faith_bian and Yu Yun’s words, it is not difficult to hear that all kinds of things circulating in the forum belong to the product of “quick horse plus editing”. .

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