Doo-faced cat • Wash your face: The “doo-faced cat” craze is coming, and men are the main force on the track!

As beauty and skin care gradually enter people’s lives, contemporary people pay more and more attention to skin care. “The Way of Light and Beauty” has gradually attracted the attention of many young consumers. Combining professional technology with scientific instruments, the clerk will undergo professional training before taking up the job to provide customers with professional services. The cool experience face washing mode with high cost performance, high convenience, and ease and confidence is not only popular among women, but also attracts a large number of male users!

With the frequent appearance of hot words such as “minimal skin care” and “light beauty”, people’s awareness of beauty and skin care is also increasing. Simple, fast and affordable light beauty skin care methods are more popular in the current beauty industry market. Today’s consumers are in pursuit of simple, efficient and convenient beauty and skin care.

From the beginning of its establishment to the official opening of the store, Dumian Mao • Washing Bar has always been sought after by consumers and entrepreneurs, so it has won the hearts of industry professionals and even attracted the attention of many male consumers.

The reasons are as follows: on the one hand, it is in line with the current consumer demand for skin care in the beauty industry market trend; on the other hand, in the fiercely competitive industry, Dulian Mao·Face Wash is targeting the current blank technology face wash market, with huge development potential. At the same time, it also has a series of technical support such as a professional operation team with many years of rich experience and a strong store operation system empowerment.

For most consumers, traditional beauty salons have complicated skin care models, many items, high prices, and are not open and transparent. More and more men also have skin care needs, but traditional beauty salons do not accept men, and even various pressures such as card application and sales discourage men. Duface Cat • Face Wash has a clear brand market positioning, and has created a new type of fast skin care and beauty model. The brand concept of Dulianmao·Facewash Bar is no promotion, no routines, clearly marked price, light skin care, cool experience, so that more and more men, women and children understand the new skin care methods, and gradually accept and like them. Dulianmao is determined to create a technology face wash brand that everyone loves.

For entrepreneurs, it is very important to choose the right market and industry when looking for the right opportunity and platform. With the ever-increasing demand for skin care. Coupled with the spread of the epidemic, they are discouraged. At that time, the beauty salon was faced with problems such as high investment and no passenger flow, and had to face the dilemma of a sluggish business. In the end, it was forced to close due to overwhelm.

On the contrary, Dulianmao·wash your face is easy to start a business, light to invest, quick to start, and can be done by one person, which meets the requirements of many entrepreneurs. There is no need to spend a lot of money, the investment cost is low, and the risk is small, so that entrepreneurs can see the opportunity and hope, and the experience of Xiaobai 0 can also be invested. At the same time, many entrepreneurs focus on the core selling point and marketing model of the brand. Taking “Qingmei” facial cleaning service as the core project, we do business for 80% of consumers in the beauty market, do not compete with beauty salons for 20% of consumers’ business, and expand customer groups without gender boundaries. Both men and women can wash their face and skin care, regardless of gender and age. Men can also experience facial cleansing. At the same time, it also uses online platforms and private domain operations for marketing promotion, setting up online platforms and Meituan account operations for each cooperative entrepreneur, inviting Internet celebrities to visit the store for publicity, etc., to help store promotion and marketing, attract customers, online Combined below, increase exposure opportunities and attract more consumers in the beauty industry.

Because of this, Dulian Mao • Washing Bar has won the trust of many entrepreneurs, and more and more people have joined the beauty industry, allowing more beauty lovers to participate.