Dongguan Internet celebrity “Sister Fried Fan” has exquisite makeup and conveys a positive and optimistic attitude towards life

Jimu News reporter Yao Yun

Tang Xin, who is selling fried noodles (picture source: Internet screenshot)

According to reports, from 2018 to the present, Tang Xin has been helping out at her husband Jia Ming’s fried noodle stall, because she also has to take care of the nail shop opened nearby. In the past, Tang Xin started at the fried noodle stall, packing the fried noodle and packing it up. Stall hygiene. In March 2021, Jia Ming got tenosynovitis in his hand due to long-term frying, and Tang Xin could only take over the burden of frying. Because of her work in manicures and hairdressing, Tang Xin’s clothes are very fashionable, and she has gained many fans on the Internet. It is precisely because of her beautiful figure and appearance that some netizens think that there is a team behind her fan account, and some people say that she dresses delicately and stirs fans as a marketing hype.

In response, Tang Xin responded, “Exquisite makeup is an attitude to life, not a hype.” This should be her life perception on the road to Internet celebrity. Everyone has a love for beauty. Tang Xin dresses up beautifully and goes out to catering, which can not only make her feel happy and work happily, but also make the customers who come to buy fried noodles and the people around them pleasing to the eyes, which is naturally a good thing. Faced with the fumes of life, I am not lazy to clean up, but full of enthusiasm for life. Behind the delicate makeup, it conveys an optimistic attitude towards life.

Tang Xin said, “Their husband and wife do not have a high degree of diploma. They cherish the current traffic flow and hope to make more money by taking advantage of the traffic flow. After all, they still have two children to support.” Those who work hard are the luckiest. She can treat life delicately, and she believes that life will not fail her expectations.

(Source: Jimu News)