Don’t know what to wear in autumn and winter? Learn the matching skills of these bloggers and easily improve your temperament

In autumn and winter, when you don’t dress up like summer, you can choose a variety of small skirts with a high degree of skin exposure. It is still necessary to keep warm. In the case of low skin exposure, it is easy to look dull and old-fashioned, so autumn and winter The choice of style and color is also very important. Don’t know how to wear it in autumn and winter? Learn the matching skills of these bloggers to easily improve your temperament.

In autumn and winter, you can choose some earth-colored items, such as brown, coffee color, gray, etc., which are simple and versatile, and more inclusive, but it should be noted that appropriate embellishment of light-colored and bright-colored items can quickly improve the overall shape. of temperament and fashion.

In terms of style selection, unless you have your own consistent dressing style and choose some exaggerated designs to strengthen your own characteristics, the basic style is more suitable, the collocation is stronger, and it is not easy to make mistakes. It is the most suitable for the general public. suitable.

To talk about what to wear in autumn and winter, let’s talk about the inner wear first. All kinds of knitted sweaters and skirts are very common. The autumn and winter are cold, and the clothes are most afraid of being bloated. Therefore, choose light, comfortable and warm clothes as much as possible. Taste.

For example, this peacock blue knitted sweater has a stable color, mature, restrained and white, which is more eye-catching. It is also suitable for autumn and winter. The lower body is matched with a beige straight skirt, which is more concise and elegant, fashionable and neat, with color matching. Refreshing, the style is simple and basic, and it is very temperament after the upper body.

The peacock blue sweater with round neck and loose collar is foreign and high-end, but for girls who are afraid of cold, the adaptability is a little less, so you can choose this kind of sweater with half turtleneck, which is warm and comfortable, light and unobtrusive. , you look good in whatever you wear

Wool material, warm and breathable, more comfortable, with a certain sense of weight, but the upper body is not heavy, it is a very suitable fashion item as an inner wear.

In addition, the use of this semi-high collar design not only protects the position of the neck, but also does not have a strong sense of restraint. It is still very friendly to girls with short and thick necks.

Choose some coffee colors for autumn and winter. Milk tea colors are very stable and elegant, simple and neat, versatile and not picky, and their temperament is relatively mature and stable. If you want to make the overall shape look more refreshing, you can choose off-white. High-level and delicate, sweet and atmospheric, and all kinds of wide-leg pants and skirts are very foreign.

For girls in the north, down jackets are the king item for keeping warm in winter, but the fluffy feature is that it is easy to appear fat after the upper body, which is a small test for our matching.

You can break the bloated feeling by increasing the degree of skin exposure, or choose some accessories, and can also add more layers to the overall look. For example, in the down jacket below, I chose a hooded fur collar design. Although it is a fur collar, after adding a hat, the fur collar is kept away from the face, which looks more fashionable and handsome.

This down jacket is warm and thick, with a long design, the length is a little below the knee, the warmth is stronger, and it will not be too heavy after the upper body.

The large diamond plaid design can not only prevent the problem of running down, but also has a more sense of design, making the original simple basic items more fashionable and foreign.

Usually when you go out, you only need to match it with a knitted sweater and a skirt to look good. The large area of ​​black is inevitably a bit dull and boring, so you can learn from this ginger cable sweater, which is brighter in color and more layered in style. Soothes the dullness and monotony of black.

Many people are afraid to try too bright colors, because they are worried that they will not be able to control them. In fact, in autumn and winter, it is already bleak and boring. The use of bright colors in a small area will really give people a bright sense of sight. You can choose a skirt. Or a headband, a bag, just need a small bright color, you can quickly enhance the brightness of the overall shape.

In autumn and winter, clothes are relatively thick, so we need to use some tricks to make us look less bloated, with bright colors, or directly choose fabrics that are light and thin, but warm and breathable, for us ordinary people are all Very useful tips for dressing up.

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