Don’t ignore the tremor, it may be essential tremor!

Essential tremor is an autosomal dominant disorder. Symptoms of essential tremor are mainly tremors in the limbs or head. If the patient is tense, the condition can worsen, resulting in muscle stiffness. Essential tremor can also cause patients to lack facial expression, slur their speech, and even drool. Essential tremor seriously affects normal life. Essential tremor, also known as familial tremor, is a neurological disorder with a genetic probability of up to 60%.

The only symptom of essential tremor is tremor, with occasional reports of tone and slight gait abnormalities. Patients usually start from the upper extremities, mainly affecting the upper extremities, bilateral upper extremities symmetrical onset, but also unilateral upper extremity. Involvement of the trunk and bilateral lower extremities is rare, occurs only in the late stage of the disease course, and is less severe than the upper extremities. Can contain both motor, intentional, and resting tremor components. Tremors may be exacerbated by movement toward the goal. The frequency of tremor is 4~8Hz, and with the increase of disease course and age, the frequency gradually decreases, and the amplitude gradually increases.

Male, ill for 9 years, 56 years old, at first, slightly trembling hands, with the time of illness increasing year by year, in the past two years, the head trembles, when nervous, holding chopsticks, writing, concentrating, hungry, doing a good job, I did a full physical examination in the local area. There was no problem. I took anti-anxiety drugs and nutritional nerve drugs for about half a year, but there was no effect. I saw Qufeng Defibrillation Decoction on the Internet to treat tremors. After consultation: accompanied by palpitations, fatigue, chest tightness, and dreams Easy to wake up, irregular stools, increased nocturia and other symptoms, use Qufeng Defibrillation Decoction for one course of treatment: fatigue symptoms are recovered, hand shaking is slightly reduced, and head shaking has not changed; use Qufeng Defibrillation Decoction for the second course of treatment: head To relieve tremor, know that it takes time to treat tremor, use Qufeng Defibrillation Decoction to treat three stages: minor symptoms basically disappear, and hand tremors recover.

Essential tremors should eat more light and nutritious foods in the diet, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, etc., which are conducive to good health. Absolutely can not eat irritating food, such as spicy food, greasy food, etc., so as not to aggravate the disease.

1. Eat more nutritious food

(1) Fresh fruits and vegetables: vegetables and fruits suitable for patients with essential tremor include lettuce, celery, cauliflower, apple, orange, kiwi, etc. These fruits and vegetables are rich in nutritional value, can meet the daily needs of the human body, and are good for promoting the recovery of the body.

(2) Coarse grains: Coarse grains contain a variety of nutrients, such as cellulose, amino acids, proteins, minerals, etc., which can promote defecation and strengthen the body. Therefore, patients with essential tremor can appropriately eat more whole grains such as oats, beans, and corn.