Don’t ignore psychological problems

From general psychological problems, serious psychological problems to outbreaks of psychological diseases, there is a process of accumulation from quantitative change to qualitative change. Often they experience a period of long-term depression first, and then suddenly burst out on a certain day, suddenly feel unable to control their thoughts, lose their sense of reality to the environment, involuntarily tense and anxious, and then fall into a state of pain and anxiety, and there will be various physical discomforts. Comfortable.

Therefore, the prevention of mental illness is best from the beginning of the psychological problem.

“Preventing trouble before it happens” is definitely better than “making up for it after the sheep is gone”. I think this is also the original intention and original intention of my post on the Internet. As a parent of a child with depression, and as a novice in psychology, I cannot give you strong help on professional issues. But I hope that more and more parents will come to see me. I am using clumsy writing to convey comfort, courage and confidence to parents of children with mental illness, and to young parents and future parents to sound the alarm and pay attention to their children in time. Mental health, attach importance to children’s spiritual growth, sound personality, and actively learn, grow and change.

The embankment of a thousand miles is destroyed in the ant’s nest, and the accumulation of quantity can cause qualitative changes. People are warned not to underestimate small changes, and even lead to major disasters. The last straw that broke the camel’s back is that people have reached the brink of collapse in difficult situations, and then a little thing will make them collapse. This is a very vivid description of the process of children’s collapse.

The author of “From Psychological Problems to Psychological Advantages” has almost always won first place in mathematics competitions from childhood to adulthood. Once he finished first with full marks and passed second. When I participated in the National Mathematics Competition in the third year of junior high school, I won the first place in this division. But because I often stay up all night to nibble on math problems, I drink strong tea to refresh myself when I am sleepy. Such excessive fatigue and self-abuse planted the seeds for depression.

When the author was in the second year of junior high school, he accepted the teacher’s arrangement to collect the materials fee of the students, and then lost it accidentally. The teacher did not consider carefully in the process of tracing, did not pay attention to protecting everyone’s self-esteem, and called the police and searched. Several classmates who had been in the classroom at noon became the key suspects. She was called out to ask questions by herself. When they came back, all the classmates were crying.

The author feels that because of his negligence, all the students have been seriously hurt. What makes the author most guilty is that a female classmate seems to have been affected by this incident. After being asked by the teacher alone, she cried very hard, and then she became very bad.

Years later, this painful memory still makes the author’s hands turn from warm to cold as an adult, and he begins to sweat.

For more than half a year after this incident happened, the author was involuntarily entangled in this incident as soon as he went to school, becoming preoccupied, unhappy, depressed and exhausted.

Finally, more than a month before the high school entrance examination, one day the author felt a sudden “hum” in his mind, and his consciousness was blurred, as if a certain nerve had been broken, and all the feelings changed: the classroom was bustling, very unreal, The classmates seemed to be acting, and the teacher’s lecturing voice became illusory, and it was vaguely intelligible, like a ball of cotton stuffed in the ears. All of a sudden, the surrounding environment is so false that it is separated into two worlds, and I seem to be an outsider, unable to integrate into it.

At the same time, I feel particularly tired, sluggish, distracted, distracted, anxious, and in a trance. Everything is out of control, and I can no longer learn normally and understand new knowledge.

Because of the good academic background in the past, the author was admitted to a key high school with the top 20 results in the city despite his unconsciousness.

But the seeds of depression had already taken root in his heart, and they followed him like a shadow. The unease, anxiety, discomfort, no matter how much rest, accompanied him, and it became impossible to get rid of. Depression came surging, took the life of his heart, and took away his romance and wisdom.

The brain is a thinking machine, and its capacity is limited. Before it malfunctions or collapses, it is often overloaded, so don’t ignore its warning signs.

Following the author’s recollection, I also recalled my daughter’s symptoms back then. At that time, I only felt that she was fragile, lazy, and ignorant, and I didn’t know that there was a terrible big black dog that was cruelly biting her soul.

1. Feeling down.

There was no smile on that small pale face, always unhappy.

2. It’s boring.

Suddenly often said boring, nothing interesting.

Let her propose it herself, but she doesn’t advocate it.

I racked my brains to come up with an idea: go out to eat something delicious? Going to buy new clothes? Go to the movies? To do crafts? All were rejected by her.

3. Difficulty falling asleep, insomnia, waking up early.

I didn’t play with my phone, I tried hard to sleep, and I still couldn’t fall asleep for an hour or two. Little people are terrified, desperate, angry. Not sure what’s going on? “I’m a good boy, and I haven’t done anything wrong. Why does God do this to me?”

Really, so pitiful.

4. Irritability.

Because there is too much inner conflict, serious emotional internal friction, and always in negative emotions of anxiety, children full of lawsuits are like walking dynamite barrels. It is easy to get angry or cry because of small things.

5. Refuse to socialize.

I hope to stay in my own world quietly and not be disturbed.

6. Tired of studying.

Start asking for time off frequently, more and more, until you don’t go at all.

7. Inferiority.

No longer confident light, eyes began to dodge, the body began to shrink. No more youthful, high-spirited, proud, full of vitality, full of positive energy.

8. Unreal.

The weekly diary she wrote at the time: as if suddenly a huge glass cover fell from the sky, covering herself in it and separating her from the real world. Everything becomes unreal and unreal. She became a panicked outsider, abandoned and no longer able to fit in.

At that time, several friends who had been playing crazy together after class invited her to play games together: “Come on, don’t be unhappy.” But she felt that she would never laugh or run again, as if she was being choked by a mysterious force. throat.

9. Pleasure disappears.

What impressed me was that she told me during the summer vacation that although she was the first place again, she was only happy for a while, and then fell into a low mood again. Once upon a time, the first place can make her happy all summer.