Domestic mobile games are getting more and more fun? The character cloth is used just right, and even the whip is made out

Since version 2.0, the mimicry of “Illusionary Tower” seems to have changed a style. The previous mimics were mostly fighting styles, and the major mimics can see more obvious combinations of weapons and characters. In version 2.0, such as Rin Ye and Alice, weapons and mimetic appearances are more integrated, and the two have a feeling of integration.

This kind of setting also makes the mimetic clothing of the 2.0 version of “Illusionary Tower” more and more beautiful, such as the second-order form of Rin Ye, every piece of fabric is used just right, and the same is true for Alice. In the words of the players, that is, “Phantom Tower” is getting more and more aware of its own heart. This kind of mimetic design idea has also been implemented by “Illusionary Tower”. In the recently exposed new mimetic Umi, you can see the idea of ​​this mimetic design.

Umi is one of the new plot characters that appeared in the 2.3 version of “Imaginary Tower”, “Misasura Qiande”, “Misasura Qiande” is a swamp map that “Magic Tower” has not had before, so the overall design of Umi gives people The feeling is “wild”. Like the kind of huntress in the swamp jungle, but in contrast, Umi’s appearance is actually closer to a rabbit. Of course, these are just appearances. The “connotation” of Umi’s mimesis in the eyes of players is more than that. Simple.

Regarding this point, let’s start with Umi’s weapons. The weapons in “Illusionary Tower” are varied. Before Alice used skates as weapons, it was a big brain opening, and this time Umi’s weapons It is more intuitive, that is, the whip. Of course, strictly speaking, Umi is not the first character in “Imaginary Tower” to use a leather whip. After all, Brittany also uses a leather whip, but if Umi’s leather whip is combined with “wildness”, then Interesting.

Wild plus rabbit plus whip, what combination is this? This is a hot bunny girl! Players can imagine a scene where a bunny girl wields a whip in the swamp. If nothing else, the animation effect must be very cool. Moreover, players can also bring Umi to play in Jingdu, experience various entertainment activities and dances in Jingdu, and may unlock many new poses.

At present, Umi’s mimetic PV has been released. Judging from the feedback from players, Umi has really achieved “the heart of the player” this time. Some players even said that their Mark was already “extremely thirsty”.

What do you guys think of the mimetic design of “Illusionary Tower”, do you like this somewhat wild Umi?