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On October 28, the “2022 Xuelang Conference” kicked off in Wuxi. So far, the Xuelang Conference “from manufacturing to manufacturing” has gone through five years, and this is also the five years of rapid construction of Xuelang Town and even Wuxi Economic and Technological Development Zone. After five years of chasing the waves, the Xuelang Conference was “blown by the strong wind”, and the Xuelang Town “has both form and spirit”.

Innovation is the innate gene of this emerging hot spot.

In the past five years, Xuelang Town has insisted on promoting digitalization with manufacturing as the engine, constantly exploring and practicing the development path of “town + platform + ecology + cluster”, bringing together more than 20 “super brains” of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ten major innovation platforms and new R&D institutions have settled in a number of industrial Internet platforms and ecological enterprises, and thousands of typical scenarios of digital innovation applications have been born.

In the past five years, the Xuelang Conference has further promoted the “awakening plan”, and has always made manufacturing enterprises come to the forefront to “play the leading role”, and gradually become the link between enterprises’ demand connection, the window for experience display, and the source of transformation ideas, for the digitalization of the manufacturing industry. , network, and intelligent upgrades continue to help.

In the past five years, Xuelang Town is no longer just a “town”, and the Xuelang Conference is not just a “meeting”. Today’s Xuelang, based in Wuxi, linking the Yangtze River Delta, looking at the country and even the world, has always rooted innovative genes and data elements in the blood of the town’s construction, and has embarked on a boundless development road to explore “∞” with a tangible town of “1”.

“Looking at the future, Xuelang Town will further release the value of data elements, build a strong industrial platform from a high starting point, create a high-energy industrial ecology with high positioning, and continue to promote the organic integration of the town’s ‘factory brain’ and ‘city brain’ By transforming computing power, strengthening power, and reconstructing productivity, the core of digital economy development will be strengthened.” said Yang Jianping, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Wuxi Economic and Technological Development Zone.

New concept, closed-loop exploration, science, industry, city, people, and organic integration of ecology

To create a “demonstration area for the integration of science, industry, city and people” is the consistent development concept of Wuxi Economic and Technological Development Zone, and it is also the primary goal of Xuelang Town’s exploration since the beginning of construction.

In 2017, Xuelang Town launched the “Wake Up Plan” for the manufacturing industry. As the main body of construction, enterprises abandoned the traditional practice of “getting the brand first, government investment, and attracting investment”. Enterprise main body, market-oriented operation” is the principle, and the initiative of industrial planning is truly handed over to the market.

Driven by market demand, Xuelang Town continues to improve the ecological elements required for industrial development, introduce various types of talents that match it, and strengthen the urban supporting renewal according to the living needs of various types of talents to improve the attractiveness of talents. Iteratively update and upgrade industrial development needs, and then form a benign closed-loop development path based on “market demand for planning the industry, industry demand for ecological improvement, ecological demand for talent introduction, and talent demand for urban renewal”.

Under this model, “element innovation” has become the foundation of town construction. With the expansion of the industrial scale and the improvement of the ecological system, in January 2021, Xuelang Town will further highlight the innovation of the system and mechanism, and establish a town management committee in due course to undertake functions such as infrastructure construction, public product service supply, and entrepreneurial policy support. It aims to create an ideal environment for the development of small towns through the innovative “visible hand”, and then promote the “invisible hand” of the market to gather new formats, new economies and new models. It is reported that in 2021, the revenue of enterprises in the core industries of the town’s digital economy will be 13 billion yuan.

The Taihu Bay Information Park, which opened in December 2021, has a planned area of ​​800 acres and is committed to building a Chinese semiconductor storage industry cluster. By 2025, the park’s enterprise output value will reach 15 billion yuan, ranking among the third pole of China’s semiconductor storage industry. At the end of last year, the Golden Bay Science and Technology Innovation Park started land demolition, with a planned area of ​​about 1.05 million square meters. It will build an urban industrial group based on “local enterprise headquarters + maker space”; the future park of Xuelang Town actively builds a single corner A number of high-growth companies in the digital technology field, such as the beast, headquarters cultivation base, iFLYTEK, Geely Blockchain Global Headquarters, etc. have signed contracts and settled down…

At the same time, in the space creation of this batch of newly-built and to-be-built carriers, the Economic and Technological Development Zone adheres to the integration of beautiful ecology and exquisite architecture. It is determined to build an international, characteristic and modern industrial carrier, and strive to create an organic ecology in which people are in the city, the city is in the scenery, the city and the scenery are interdependent, and the industry and the city are integrated.

A new path to build a brand platform to enable a high degree of industrial agglomeration

High-level planning, small start. Xuelang Town Innovation proposes to create two major brand platforms as the core starting point for connecting market demand and building agglomeration industrial ecology.

A platform for market demand – Xuelang Conference. Enterprises are both market players and demand sources. Different from the traditional path of government-hosted conferences, in 2018, based on the government’s call and support, the Economic Development Zone jointly organized the first Xuelang Conference by local Wuxi and even the backbone manufacturing enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta.

So far, the Xuelang Conference has been held for four times. Over the past five years, the conference has always adhered to the eternal theme of “from manufacturing to manufacturing”, emphasizing the digitalization of manufacturing, and the number of key manufacturing enterprises initiated has increased to nearly 60.

However, the ideas to be expressed at the conference are constantly evolving, from trying to awaken more manufacturing enterprises to carry out digitalization, to gradually awakening manufacturing enterprises, exploring different digital transformation and upgrading paths, and then to more and more manufacturing enterprises accelerating their awakening and carrying out digital actions And form experience… “Snow wave model” is gradually taking shape, “Xue wave change” is exciting, and “Xue wave peak” is ready to go. The 2022 Xuelang Conference will further innovate and upgrade. For the first time, it will hold a technical ecology exhibition and matchmaking meeting, and focus on the digital economy to hold a number of characteristic sub-forums. Representatives from leading manufacturing companies and leading innovation companies will be invited to participate in the conference to discuss how to “use the Computing power redefines innovation”.

A platform for gathering industrial ecology – Xuelangyun. In 2018, Wuxi Xuelang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. settled in the Economic Development Zone and started to build the “factory brain” – Xuelang Cloud, with the data center system as the core, connecting the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, realizing global cognition, global optimization, and full line Smart digital factories trigger the endogenous agglomeration effect of the industry. The digital empowerment of a single platform is limited. Taking Xuelang Cloud as the starting point for industrial ecological agglomeration, the Economic Development Zone has successively introduced Yunqi Engineering Institute Xuelang Town Digital Manufacturing Innovation Center, Envision Global Intelligent Internet of Things Innovation Center and other headquarters-level Innovation Center. Under the background of the high concentration of industrial ecology, a series of industrial ecological platforms and carriers such as Xuelang Engineering Institute, Xuelang College, Xuelang Town “Wakeup Fund”, Xuelang Competition, etc. have been successively born in the town, thus attracting Bosch China Software Innovation Center. , Geely Blockchain Headquarters, iFLYTEK Automotive Intelligent Driving Technology Headquarters and other industry leading companies have accelerated their entry.

At the same time, the Economic and Technological Development Zone encourages enterprises in the town to realize the improvement of industrial economic benefits in the space through market sharing and input-output linkage. Yuanshu Technology, which will land in Xuelang Town in 2020, is one of the “collaborative” enterprises of Xuelang Number System. Yuanshu Technology focuses on discrete consumer goods manufacturing, and Xuelang Digital System focuses on process manufacturing. Since settling down, the two companies have “exchanged” many original customers and established an effective cooperation mechanism.


New ideas strengthen data elements and shape the core of digital development

The digitalization of manufacturing is the general trend. In 2017, Academician Wang Jian, the founder and honorary mayor of Xuelang Town, laid the main tone of “promoting digital development with manufacturing as the engine” for Xuelang Town. Over the years, Xuelang Town has always focused on the digitalization of the manufacturing industry, based on innovation, strengthened data elements, and is committed to taking the lead in promoting digital transformation in an all-round way and radiating nationwide. To this end, Xuelang Town proposes three paths.

Driven by leading enterprises. Xuelang Town, together with COMAC, Shuangliang Group and other top ten domestic manufacturing industry leaders, jointly launched the “Top Ten Manufacturing Industry Leading Enterprises Digitalization Action”, aiming to explore and form a transformation benchmark path through industry leading enterprises and demonstrate leadership. The waist enterprises actively cooperate, which in turn drives a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to copy.

Classification echelon advancement. For enterprises with different digital foundations, Xuelang Town proposes targeted solutions. For example, for small and medium-sized enterprises with weak informatization foundation, Xuelang Town introduces Haibao Intelligent Manufacturing to provide enterprises with a “smart factory” overall solution of “cloud + terminal + application”; Enterprise, Xuelang Town introduced Bosch Group to provide overall solutions and services for Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0.

Data base. Strengthening the concept of data elements to empower enterprises Industry backbone enterprises realize digitalization, bring digital capabilities into grassroots factories and workshops, and realize data to serve grassroots and factories.

This year, in order to further highlight the value of data elements, Xuelang Town proposed to promote the “popularization of computing power” and build a new 89,000-square-meter Yangtze River Delta (Xuelang Town) Data Innovation Center to provide open-ended digital innovation practitioners around the world. Computing power support. At this Xuelang Conference, Xuelang Computing Center will also be open to the public for the first time. As the core support of Xuelang Town Version 2.0, Xuelang Computing Center has been identified as the entry point and core axis of Xuelang Town’s industrial development, investment attraction, enterprise service and other work in the next five years. The computing power center and the Haina computing power center jointly build a computing power cluster in the Yangtze River Delta, and serve all kinds of enterprises, R&D institutions and government applications that have computing power needs.

Source: Wuxi Daily

Reporter: Ma Yue

Editor: Wang Qi

Editor: Mu Yan