Doinb thinks that JDG can’t win T1, it is very likely 1-3, Beifeng also thinks it is a bit difficult to play

The S12 League of Legends global finals semi-finals are also about to start. The first game is T1 against JDG. This is also the only team of the LPL team in this world tour. If JDG can win this game, It will directly advance to the finals. If they lose, the LPL teams will all stop at the S12 global finals, so this game is still relatively critical, and the attention is particularly high.

JDG’s current performance in this World Championship is still very good. In the group stage, he qualified as the first in the group. In the end, the top 8 defeated the RGE team 3-0 in the knockout stage. However, in the Bo5 competition, they have not yet played against the strong teams in the LCK division. This is actually quite worrying, but it is absolutely passable in terms of strength on paper. Doinb also published predictions for this game during the live broadcast recently. Doinb directly stated that Doinb is optimistic about the T1 team defeating JDG to enter the finals. The score given by Doinb is 3-1. Doinb thinks that T1 If you directly win the first game, then the whole game will end with a 3:0. Of course, JDG may also win 3-2, but Doinb still thinks that JDG wants to win. Winning this Bo5 is still quite difficult.

And Beifeng also felt that the possibility of the T1 team winning is relatively high. The reason given by Beifeng is that the strength that this team has shown in the world is relatively strong. Beifeng, as the Qiyana, the national costume, has excellent personal strength. Because she regularly participates in some competitions, she has left a deep impression on the audience as an anchor. For example, in the Chinese and foreign competitions, she also regularly competes with the LCK division. The teams are playing against each other, so I am relatively familiar with this region.

Beifeng said that since the T1 team entered the World Championship, the overall strength can be said to be one echelon higher than that of the summer competition. Even GEN is not necessarily able to play. The strength of the T1 team in the Ueno It is very high, Zeus’s personal ability is very strong, but 369 is not a vegetarian.

And they also play mid-laner. Beifeng believes that faker has played very well this season. In the data of the World Championship, the economy that faker eats is not particularly high.

In general, this is a tough battle that is difficult to fight. If JDG can win, I believe it can get unanimous praise from netizens.