Doinb said: LCK has the highest salary, and the annual salary of S-level players is higher than the budget of a LPL team

In fact, after the S12 global finals this season, many players intuitively felt that there is a very large gap between the LCK division and the LPL division, making many players feel that our LPL division is indeed not worthy of the LOL first division. The title, I believe that in the semi-final stage of the S12 World Championship, everyone has no doubts. So where is the difference between us and the LCK division? This is where most viewers are more curious

Beifeng is an anchor who often plays against the LCK youth training. Beifeng also has a relatively high reputation in the circle because of his excellent Qiana. For example, in the League of Legends competition between China and foreign countries, he has a very good performance. , Regarding why there is such a big gap between LPL and LCK, Beifeng’s point of view is actually quite correct. Beifeng said that there are more young players in LCK than LPL, especially in the youth training There are a large number of 16/17 year olds Players, and the LPL division has some problems in the youth training because of the baby lock. In fact, what Beifeng said during the live broadcast was also the reason for the gap between the two competition areas.

However, there is another reason for the salary. Doinb also mentioned a problem that people may not pay attention to during the live broadcast recently, that is, the salary in the LCK division is actually much higher than that in the LPL division. Doinb also gave some examples of players , such as Faker, Xu Xiu, Chovy and other first-line s-level LCK players, the salary of one person is more than the budget of a LPL team, so this sentence is from the mouth of a Korean aid, I believe it is true There is definitely no problem, and Doinb also emphasized that the LCK division itself is the richest division among the several divisions, that is, the division with the highest salary.

Therefore, Doinb said that in the transfer period of this season, it is impossible for S-level players from the LCK division to come to the LPL division. Under the circumstance of higher wages, they will definitely not give priority to the LPL division. So no matter what Beifeng said, because of the baby lock, the youth training in the current LPL competition area is relatively weak, or Doinb said that the LCK competition area is now very rich in terms of treatment, I believe these are the reasons for the LPL competition area. This year, it reflects the reasons behind many of the LCK divisions.

In general, the e-sports industry is actually not as profitable as it used to be in China, and many clubs are basically losing money. Whether it is the RNG team that won the championship, or the We team that has been rotten all the year round, this situation is reflected.