Doinb broke the news: LPL can’t afford LCK’s S-level players, and the annual salary tops an entire LPL team!

In the eyes of the audience and clubs in the LPL division, Korean aid can be said to be synonymous with cost-effectiveness. Although top-level Korean aid is also expensive, it is still more “good quality and cheap” than domestic players of the same level. Therefore, every year the teams in the LPL division want to strengthen their lineups, and their first choice during the transfer period is to consider going to South Korea to dig for players who have shown their talent in the LCK. Although this year’s S12 has not yet ended, the audience has been discussing the signings of major clubs during the transfer period.

Since the LPL has continued to introduce players from the LCK in the past few years, in order to prevent the outflow of outstanding players, the LCK also announced a new system of “designated players”. Simply put, this system makes it more expensive for LPL to poach people, and the outflow of outstanding LCK players will decrease, which means that it will be much more difficult for LPL to introduce Korean aid.

Recently, Doinb also shared some details of the transfer period he knew in the live broadcast. According to the live broadcast of Coin Brother, it is impossible for the LPL to dig S-level players of the LCK in the past two years, because the salary of many top players in the LCK is almost equal to the entire LPL. Team budget. Later, Brother Coin also gave examples of LCK players who have reached this level, such as Faker, Showmaker and Chovy. Their annual salary can almost top the budget of the sixth to tenth teams in the LPL.

However, although it is difficult to buy top LCK players, ordinary players or potential rookies can still buy them. Therefore, Doinb also revealed that during the LPL transfer period this year, Korean aid will return, and LCK players will also come to LPL. For this reason, Han Yuan even asked him how to speak Chinese. Looking forward to how the major clubs will recruit after the start of the LPL transfer period.

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