Does the laser beam of laser rust removal really hurt the skin?

I saw a video of a laser rust remover today, which made me a little confused. The video is like this, use a laser rust remover to gently sweep away the rusted iron plate, the rust layer disappears instantly, the steel plate looks brand new, and emits a dazzling metallic luster. At the same time as the laser scanning, I placed my hand on the rust, and I saw that the part of the rust covered by the hand was intact, and the rust of other parts was cleaned up. The most important thing is that the opponent was not harmed. There are pictures, facts and videos. The seller of the laser rust remover is trying hard to promote that the laser rust remover is harmless to the human body and can be safely irradiated on the skin.

We asked Mr. Liu Yu, the founder of Dunlei laser rust remover. He has been deeply involved in a sub-field of laser rust removal for many years. He has a very in-depth research on laser rust removal. The Dunlei laser rust remover brand he founded is among the best in the industry. Mr. Liu made an appointment at noon. He was free from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. We went to the appointment on time. After a brief greeting, we began to enter the theme.

Editor: “Mr. Liu, does the laser beam radiated from the laser rust remover really harm the skin?”

Liu Gong: “This is completely nonsense from the businessman. Not only does it hurt, but the damage is very large. Never use laser beams to irradiate the skin.”

Editor: “Can you elaborate?”

Liu Gong: “Although human skin has a good tolerance to light, high-intensity lasers can easily damage the skin. Laser descaling machines generally use high-power lasers, about 1000w-3000w. The skin damage is still huge. The skin is divided into two layers, the outermost layer is the epidermis and the inner layer is the dermis. Generally speaking, the melanin granules located in the subcutaneous layer are the easiest to absorb laser energy in the skin. After receiving laser radiation, the The skin develops mild erythema, which then develops into blisters. If exposed to very high-power laser radiation, the highly absorbing tissue of the epidermis appears carbonized without erythema.”

Editor: “Actually, this is very dangerous behavior, right?”

Liu Gong: “Yes, this is a very dangerous behavior, especially after long-term radiation, irreversible damage will occur.”

The editor asked jokingly: “If the radiation is 1-2 seconds, it should be fine, right?”

Liu Gong: “Although short-term irradiation is not a big problem, we must develop a good habit of not letting the laser irradiate people. From the very beginning, we must pay great attention to the use of laser rust removers. Injuries always occur in In the state of no defense, first of all, pay attention to it from the attitude and develop good habits to avoid harm.”

Editor: “What are the consequences of being irradiated by lasers for a long time?”

Liu Gong: “Long-term exposure to laser radiation will accelerate skin aging and may cause skin cancer. High-power laser radiation can cause skin pigmentation, ulcers, scarring, and subcutaneous tissue damage.”

Editor: “As long as you don’t irradiate your skin with lasers, it won’t hurt, right?”

Liu Gong: “No, laser is also a kind of light, it has refraction and reflection effects. In the process of rust removal of highly reflective metals, it is necessary to pay attention to the reflected laser. If you do not take precautions and treatment, it will still radiate the skin. “

Editor: “Why do many businesses advertise that they won’t hurt their hands?”

Liu Gong: “In fact, some merchants don’t understand it themselves. In order to achieve surprising results in their advertisements, they use these sensational methods to mislead Xiaobai. The threshold for laser descaling machines is not high, and many cottages Small factories can assemble them, but they lack in-depth research on laser descaling machines.”

Editor: “In addition to the damage to the skin, what other dangers are there in the process of using a laser rust remover?”

Liu Gong: “First of all, the beam of the laser descaling machine must not be irradiated on the eyes, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the retina and cornea. It is recommended to wear laser protective glasses during the operation. In addition to the skin of the eyes, we must also pay attention to electrical hazards. , Please be sure to ground the wire during use. The easiest way is to hang an iron wire on the metal shell of the machine and drop it on the ground. Secondly, the laser rust removal process will generate smoke, which needs to be protected. If multiple machines are in a confined space To work, you need to use professional dust removal equipment.”

Editor: “What do you think is the main difference between Dunlei and other brands of laser rust remover?”

Liu Gong smiled slightly and said, “This is an opportunity to advertise for me. For example, if you buy a sword, Dunlei will come with a sword cover. The small factory in Shanzhai only sells you a sword without a sword cover. , because this can reduce the price to a very low level, and the price is competitive. Even if the sword accidentally hurts itself, it has nothing to do with the business. Dunlei will equip all foreseeable dangers in the use of the laser rust remover with corresponding protective measures to ensure safety. The awareness of protection and safety is repeatedly emphasized to users.”

Editor: “Thank you very much for your explanation, Mr. Liu, your explanation is so wonderful, I’m bothering you!”

In a pleasant exchange, the conversation ended.

After getting this information, I was taken aback. I can’t wait to take a loudspeaker to tell the world, never irradiate the hands with lasers, do not irradiate any part of the body, and develop good usage habits from the very beginning. It is really hateful for the merchants to mislead the people who eat melons in order to gain attention. Fortunately, there are professional explanations, and it is still too late to quickly set things right. If you don’t understand anything, you must consult professionals, trust experts, not businesses.