Does invisible orthodontic treatment hurt?

Misaligned teeth are a very bad life experience. Because of this, many people are afraid to socialize and laugh, and even if others are a little closer to them, they will subconsciously avoid them. Gradually, these people lose their self-confidence and enthusiasm for making friends, and become withdrawn self-abasement. The harm of unaligned teeth is far more than that. Some people’s face shape and pronunciation will change because of this, so it is their best choice to do correction, especially the most popular invisible correction nowadays. Do your teeth hurt when you do invisible orthodontics?

To be honest, when you first wear invisible aligners, your teeth will feel slightly sore, so you don’t dare to bite hard objects at this time. And this feeling is very normal, so we don’t need to worry and be overly nervous. When the teeth have been subjected to continuous slight external force, the teeth will slowly move.

Although the teeth themselves will not be hurt, it will inevitably cause crowding and straining of the periodontal ligament, so you will also feel mild pain. However, most of the pain lasts only about a week, and the pain is minimal.

In addition to the pain, there may be some people who just start wearing some braces, because they can’t control the force after they are removed, so they will have a little twist when brushing their teeth and eating. Other than that, there will be no other discomfort. With the passage of time, the teeth will be corrected little by little, and there will be no other problems.