Do your best to assist: the most suitable generals, how to maximize the benefits, how to play if the civilians do not do their best to assist

1: Analyze and try to help

2: Which generals are suitable for and which games are not suitable for

3: How to play without trying your best

Since the appearance of the tactic of trying to help you, many people have exclaimed that it is against the sky, and it can improve the activation rate of various tactics, but is the current gameplay really good?

1: Analyze the tactics of trying to help

1: 55% chance to activate

2: The single unit with the highest intelligence of the enemy is reduced by 20%

3: There is a 70% chance to make another non-self-contained active strategy, and the activation rate is increased by 100%, before continuous action.

The first two contents are easy to understand, and the third article has two pits.

The 1st: A fan left a message to Huaxi before, saying that his efforts to find a bug had caused a bug, and he launched his best efforts, but the other tactics did not start.

Reason: Many people think that it is 100% activation, but in fact it only increases the probability of 100%. Some people here will misread it.

No. 2: The text does not match the actual

It is written that it lasts for one round. According to the calculation of other generals in the game, the general must act once, and after Zhang Bao obtains a 100% probability through Guan Xing, it only lasts until before the action.

Therefore, a round here actually means that before the action, it is the same as Wang Yuanji’s tactics, so Guan Xing and Zhang Baodai tried their best to help and could not increase the probability of the opponent, because it was gone before each action.

(Obviously, the plan did not want Zhang Bao and Guan Xing to be too strong)

When Huaxi first analyzed the efforts to help the enemy, he said that the efforts to help the enemy were suitable for the tactics of being invincible and blazing the sky, and it could also be used with the alternative tactics of attacking the lazy and returning, taking advantage of the enemy.

At present, some people are playing the gameplay of [trying to help you + be invincible], but no one has tried the gameplay of [trying to help you + hitting the lazy return] . It is a pity that you can try it if you are interested.

[The problem of trying to help: overlapping activation rates]

Your third tactics have a chance to be activated originally . Your best effort is activated 4 times, and the bone scraping and poison treatment tactics are activated 4 times. You can’t tell. These 4 times should have been activated. Or that you originally scraped the bone for 0 times, and tried your best to get you to use the bone scraping to cure the poison 4 times.

Of course, this is not a big problem, after all, it lowers your lower limit and increases your upper limit.

[trying to help + invincible]

Good and not good!

Huaxi wrote about this question when she analyzed it for the first time, but then I thought of another tactic called “Jeui Qi Dao”, which has a 50% probability of triggering. In terms of activation probability and damage rate, it is not as good as It’s invincible, and has an additional forbidden effect.

Coupled with the overlapping problem of trying to help Zamou’s own “activation rate”, Huaxi will not introduce more.

Do your best to assist + invincible

Invincible + invincible

To put it simply: if you want a high ceiling, you must try your best to assist + invincible, if you want to be stable and invincible, then try your best to assist other teams to coexist .

Two: Which generals are suitable for?

According to Article 1: 55% chance to activate

One general is a combination of five strategic ministers dominated by SP Guo Jia, and the other is Old Zhou Yu. After triggering the active strategy, there is an 80% chance of causing 68% strategic damage to the entire enemy, and a 40% chance of triggering burns.

Others bring their best efforts to help them, just to increase the probability of triggering the next tactics, while Zhou Yu and SP Guo Jia’s team bring their best efforts to help them, which can increase the damage of their own tactics.

Conclusion 1: Zhou Yu and SP Guo Jia have tried their best to help. In addition to the normal effects, they can also increase their own tactics damage.

Some people will say that Zhuge Liang’s bow belt of Shu is also very strong to help him and scrape bones to cure poison, and he can often hang and beat others.

Yes, you are right, Zhuge Liang + Zilizuomou is very strong, that is Shu Gong is strong in the first place, you replace Zhuge Liang with S treasure, Liu Bei belt Ziyaomou + scraping bone to cure poison, it is also very strong.

Liu Bei comes with a large amount of healing, and triggers 3-5 times of scraping the bone to heal the poison, which can make the enemy despair.

【Super Meat Bow】

Lu Xun: Do your best to help + scrape bones to cure poison

Taishi Ci: Fighting for the Front with Blood Blades/Frog Pose/Army Impermanence/Destroy the Front

Cheng Pu: Comprehend the military and civilians + borrowed arrows from grass boats

Such a procrastination team, with the best efforts to assist and scrape the bone to cure the poison, is as strong.

Look at this Lu Xun again, triggering 6 times of trying to help, and 7 times of scraping bone to cure poison to treat 13091 troops, which is also very strong.

Conclusion 2: The drag rhythm team itself is very strong, and it is even stronger if you bring the best effort + scraping bone to cure poison.

3: What to do if you don’t try your best to help

The easiest way is to wear white eyebrows and increase the activation probability by 12%. Although it is not as good as trying to get high, but he can increase the two tactics by 12%, which is equivalent to 24% probability.

(Someone left a message before, saying that Baimei can only increase damage to non-self-contained tactics. It is recommended to try it yourself.)

Take a look at this Ma Liang, the number of times he starts scraping the bone for poison treatment is 3-5 times, and occasionally there are 6 times when scraping the bone for poison treatment. launch.

So when you don’t try your best to help you and you are greedy, find a general with active tactics. Carrying white eyebrows + scraping bone to cure poison is a low-profile alternative.

For example: Cheng Yu + Baimei + scraping bone to cure poison

It solved the problem of Cheng Yu’s low probability, and solved the problem of team treatment. Of course, it is recommended that the team bring a full set of equipment. After all, bone scraping and poison treatment will take time. Bringing more treatment can prevent acting.

This is the end of the guide for this issue, thank you for watching the next issue.