Do you want your spastic torticollis to recover?

Spastic torticollis is an intractable disease, and the biggest difficulty in its treatment is that no specific problems can be found, so symptomatic treatment cannot be achieved. In Western medicine, it is believed that this is a dystonia of the nervous system, so the treatment is generally based on inhibiting the nerve, cutting the nerve or blocking the nerve. Because it has not been solved from the source, most of them cannot be cured, and there are many side effects on the body.

【Rehabilitation case of spastic torticollis】

Ms. Yang, from Liaoning, developed uncomfortable symptoms at the age of 32, mainly manifested as neck and back pain. At first, she didn’t care much, thinking it was just due to fatigue. It became more and more serious, and the neck began to turn to the left, which attracted Ms. Yang’s attention. So Ms. Yang went to the local hospital for examination. There was no problem. She took some western medicine and went back. After that, her condition did not improve at all. At the end of 2014, the symptoms worsened significantly. I went to the hospital for examination and diagnosis, and the diagnosis was “spasmodic torticollis”. I had to take botulinum toxin. After 2 months of good times, it relapsed. I don’t know what to do… …Occasionally, after being introduced by a patient, I came to Beijing Renaitang Chinese Medical Center to find Dr. Wang Changzai for treatment. At the beginning, I also took the attitude of giving it a try. After seeing the effect in about one course of treatment, I was more confident to treat it. After seven After months of treatment, his condition improved and he recovered. The family came to Beijing to thank Dr. Wang Changzai.

Shujing Fuzheng Decoction for Spasmodic Torticollis:

Shujing Fuzheng Decoction uses pure Chinese herbal medicines to treat spastic torticollis by starting from the root cause, nourishing liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, opening orifices and dredging collaterals, and suppressing wind and relieving spasm.

The first stage: the two-way combination of internal and external use can circulate the local blood and dredge the blood of the neck and neck muscles;

The second stage: relieves and relaxes the neck muscles with the functions of dispelling wind and cold, warming yang and dredging meridians, dredging meridians, and balancing yin and yang;

The third stage: to improve the metabolism of the meridians, repair the damage of the meridians, and restore the function of the meridians to treat spastic torticollis.